What’s next for the Porridge Cafe?

If you have an Instagram account and follow anyone remotely foodie or blog-ie it will have been hard for you to miss the Instagram sensation of the past few months that is “The Porridge Cafe”.

“The Porridge Cafe” does pretty much what it says on the tin – porridge. But this is no normal porridge. Firstly, it is all gluten and dairy free, which will make you healthy-eaters and people with complicated dietary requirements happy. Secondly, it is BEAUTIFUL. “The Porridge Cafe” is the Alexander McQueen of the breakfast/brunch world – making what is normally considered quite a stodgy, not really very pretty (no matter how good for you) breakfast product into a beautiful, all-day treat!

With best sellers like “Blueberry, Banana and Peanut Butter” and “Kinder Chocolate, Banana and Maple Syrup” it is no wonder Nik Williamson, the chef and brains behind this new South London sensation, has had such success with it! They even do savoury risottos and quinoa salads for those of you craving something a little less sweet!

We all know presentation is key in anything but this goes above-and-beyond – these porridges are stunning! Beautiful straight lines of fruit and seeds or circles of nutella and peanut butter, it is certainly starting to cross the line between food and art.

Given the visual aspect of the food that “The Porridge Cafe” is producing, it is no wonder that it has become such a huge hit on Instagram with, at last count, nearly 5,000 followers in their few short months of business – have a look yourself – serious food porn!

They opened in Shoreditch earlier this year, moved to a new pop up location just outside Victoria station at the beginning of May – and sadly closed a few weeks ago.

However, I couldn’t help thinking – that can’t be it for “The Porridge Cafe” can it? This concept that has been seen world-wide, with people coming in from all over the world who have seen the posts on Instagram and added it to their “must-see” list when visiting London – it can’t be done?!

There have been rumours online that there is more to come – hints at a new venture, “exciting developments coming soon” etc….but what is it?


It looks like “The Porridge Cafe” isn’t gone forever!

You porridge lovers can stop panicking and take a deep breath. In just a few short weeks, the new venture from Nik, the founder of the porridge cafe, “Baker and Wolf” will be opening in the same Victoria pop up location that held “The Porridge Cafe” before it closed a few weeks back.

“Baker and Wolf” promises to have all the porridge from “The Porridge Cafe” (yay!), as well as much, much more. Including an extensive brunch menu, sandwiches and salads – it looks like this is going to be another “must-visit” for anyone in London.

The breakfast menu ideas were posted online on Thursday for the new venture and it is, quite frankly, mouth-watering! I think I may end up renting a flat in Victoria just so I can head on down to “Baker and Wolf” for brunch every day!

“Baker and Wolf” is coming soon, so keep an eye on the social media accounts (links below) to find out about official opening dates etc.

Now that you porridge lovers can all relax a little knowing your favourite pop up isn’t actually gone, I urge you all to go over to the porridge cafe Instagram account, give them a follow, and have a look at some of their serious food porn ahead of “Baker and Wolf” opening soon. You will also get all the latest updates about the new opening and sneak peaks into the new tasty menu items!

No doubt, I will bump into many of you there once it is opened. I’ll be the redhead in the corner with a good book and a HUGE bowl of kinder chocolate porridge! 🙂

*All photos belong to “The Porridge Cafe” – stolen with permission from their Instagram account!*

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