Midwifery Content Disclaimer

All my Midwifery content is written following the NMC Social Media Guidelines (to read the full guidelines, click here).
I will never give out names or details of any individuals or establishments and will never publish anything that may bring any establishment into disrepute.

I take confidentiality very seriously and as such you will not find the name of the university I trained at, the hospital I was placed at during my training or the hospital or trust I now work at anywhere on this blog or on any of my social media platforms. Please do not contact me to ask for this information as I am not able to disclose it for confidentiality purposes.
When I am writing about specific events, the day, time and some details of the event will have been changed for confidentiality purposes. I will never publish anything that breaches confidentiality or shares information that could lead to a breach in confidentiality.

I documented my midwifery training with the full consent of the university, who closely monitored the content I produced throughout my time with them for confidentiality and to ensure that I was following the NMC Social Media guidelines.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

(N.B. I cannot give medical advice online – if you are pregnant and have any concerns, please contact your Midwife or your local Maternity Assessment Unit)

*Any images featuring babies are either posted with full consent, or are creative commons free images*