Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Mulled Wine, Warm Milk, Cuppa Soup, Spiced Hot Cider…
Whatever it is that you are drinking, you need a good mug to drink it from, and, as I spend a large amount of my time lusting over gorgeous mugs that I want in my home, a ‘Mug’ page was an absolute “must” for the A Girl On A Journey shop.

I will be updating all the pages in my shop on a regular basis – adding any new snazzy pieces I find, so do check back for new things to take your fancy.
(I will also add a few more seasonal pieces as we get a bit closer to Christmas!)

Do you have any favourites? Or anything that you think should be added to this list? Let me know – I’m over on twitter @rosieladkin, instagram @rosieladkin and also on the A Girl On A Journey Facebook page 🙂

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