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Most Recent Uploads

How To Become A Midwife: UCAS Application Journey & Getting A Place At University | UK Midwife
September 2020
Student Midwife Essentials: What Do You Really Need for Uni & Placement | UK Midwife
September 2020
What Shifts Does a Midwife Work? Sharing 4 Months of my Actual Shift Rota! | UK Midwife
September 2020
My First Week On A New Rotation | Vlog |UK Midwife

August 2020

Most Popular Midwifery Videos

What Does a Newly Qualfied Midwife Get Paid? Answering your questions! | UK Midwife
February 2020
What Shifts Does A Midwife Work? Sharing 4 MONTHS of my actual shift rota! | UK Midwife
September 2020
Three nights in a row – My night-shift routine | UK Midwife

January 2020
Working Christmas As A Midwife | UK Midwife | A Girl On A Journey
January 2020

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