Cooper & Hill Bespoke Bag Giveaway!

You know when you go shopping and you find a really gorgeous, say, jacket –  The most wonderful colour, perfect shape, nicely light enough for summer but warm enough for when the leaves start to fall?

Then one person asks where you got it and the next minute, your gorgeous jacket is suddenly everywhere you look and it doesn’t seem so special? In a way it’s flattering but it’s mostly just a bit sad…

Now just think for a moment, how nice would it be to have something gorgeous that is also completely original? No-one can copy it. No-one can go and buy it if they like it enough and copy your, frankly awesome, style! No-one else will have it. It will be yours and yours alone!

What if I told you that not only could you have this, in bag form, but it will also have every single feature that you long for in a handbag, in the colour you want, with the pockets in the right place, with a zip, without a zip, or with the pocket for your phone actually being big enough to hold your iphone? It would be awesome, right? 

Finally, what if I said it would be FREE?!?

That is exactly what Cooper & Hill are offering to one lucky person (and I mean seriously lucky – I almost didn’t want to tell you guys about this so I could be in with a chance of winning it myself!)

Cooper & Hill have 25 years of experience manufacturing premium luxury bags and are taking bespoke bags to a whole new level – and they are offering one of these bespoke bags to you guys!

With Cooper & Hill’s Bespoke bag, you can sketch your dream bag, from the strap to the pockets, and Cooper & Hill will bring that sketch to life for you!

So, now you are all lusting after this gorgeous giveaway as much as I am, how do you win? Simply enter the competition below and cross your fingers. You can also earn up to 20 entries to stack the odds in your favour!

With the help of @FemaleBloggerRT, the original retweet community for bloggers, Cooper & Hill  is giving away a Bespoke bag, which is your very own custom bag designed by you! 

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. Contest open to UK residents and ends June 30.

Please also visit the fabulous hosting bloggers and show them some love!

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