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It’s that time again. London Fashion Week has come around again and this time I’m actually sitting on the catwalk (not literally on it – can you imagine?!!?), channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw and seeing it all as an invited blogger, which I couldn’t be more excited about!

I will be doing another post about my day, and my thoughts on London Fashion Week and the first show I went to, Daks, but I had to write something right now about the Fyodor Golan show that I saw at 5pm this evening.

Fashion is such a funny beast – every outfit we put on each day has been designed and created by these amazing brains. Even if our wardrobe isn’t full of all the designer gear (I know mine isn’t; I’ve not worked out how to print money yet….!) it is all designed to follow all the current trends – which change so much from year to year it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all!

The one thing I have learnt today from visiting the Fyodor Golan show is that, particularly with the work in this show; it isn’t everyday wear, it isn’t evening wear – it really doesn’t fit a category – obviously it is fashion, but the catwalk is such an extreme form of fashion that I think it moves into a new realm – it is Art. In such a beautiful form. It is taking the basis of the human form as a canvas and creating art that fits around the form – it was amazing. This show in particular was like nothing I’ve ever seen – I still can’t quite process it.

The show took place in the new BFC venue, which, hilariously enough, is the NCP car park on Brewer Street in Soho. All I’ll say is it is no longer like any car park I’ve ever been to! It looks amazing! The show space is stunning and we had amazing seats, perfect close up position! I actually think it’s a really great venue for it. Soho has always been a centre for all forms of art and creativity – it feels like Brewer street is the perfect place for the new venue to be.

Plus, it’s a little bit comic watching the girls who still have their heels on (more on that in my LFW post this weekend) teetering down the slope to leave the venue! Hehe! (Schaudenfraude!)

The pieces were quirky, original and fun – the colours were vibrant, retro and bright and there was also some play with transparency and metallics which I loved.The show itself, and the pieces in it, was an incredible experience. The pieces were completely unique, with amazing bright colours and quirky shapes and styles. The SS16 range is themed along the lines of “Transformers” with several of the pieces having materials with “transformers” artwork actually on the fabric – even the invitation (above) looked like a poster for a comic book – the whole theme was really solid throughout – and fun too!

The shoes in this show really do deserve their own mention. When the first model came out I couldn’t help but notice them!

The shoes were almost like a platform flip-flop/sandal, that must have been 20cm tall, in white with varying shades of yellow – but even though they were so high, they looked so comfy – they added the height that heels do, but the model’s foot was still flat in the shoe. All the models were wearing these shoes and I think they are fantastic – I kinda want to try a pair to see if they are as comfortable as they look!!

One thing that I loved and thought was really original about the show was that it was scented! Not the pieces themselves, but the actual venue!

A lot of the fabrics featured in the SS16 collection include floral patterns or retro flower features in them and filling the venue with a really gorgeous floral scent, “A Thousand Rose Petals”, from Ashleigh & Burwood really tied the whole experience together for me.

I’ve never been to any play, musical, fashion show or any kind of performance that has been scented and I thought it was a fantastic touch, it really made it special and a really different experience – and I’m a big fan of Ashleigh & Burwood’s work (there isn’t very many occasions when I’m at my blogging desk without one of their candles burning!) so I was thrilled to find out that they were involved!!!

Overall it was such an amazing day – even as I sit here on the train with my bags in my lap, and someone’s elbow in my ribcage (don’t you love a packed train!?) I’m processing what I saw today. These incredible pieces of art, the tying in of the senses to create a really unique experience, and the people visiting the shows and exhibitions at London Fashion Week – the whole day was full of people, all enjoying and admiring this art form (because it is that) and celebrating this incredible creativity – I really loved it and can’t wait to go back!

*This invitation was gifted to me by Ashleigh & Burwood, however all views are my own*

Thank you so so much to Ashleigh & Burwood for inviting me today – you know I’m a huge fan of your work and I’m so thrilled to have been invited!
You can find Ashleigh & Burwood on their Website, Twitter and Instagram.
Fyodor Golan can be found on their Website and Instagram.
London Fashion week runs from the 18th – 22nd September – more information can be found here.

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