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Valentines presents are so so tricky. Do you spend a load of money? Do you do something really personal? Do you make something?

It’s a tricky one, and for me, I know that something personal is always important. But, I also know that I’m not dripping in diamonds and pearls and therefore whatever I am buying for someone for valentines day needs to be good value for money…so what do you do?

Cheerz, the photo printing app geniuses (geniei?) have come up with some special Valentines-themed products that fit this brief PERFECTLY. What better present to give than a copy of all your favourite memories together?! What more special, personal present could you get your loved ones than to show them how much the moments you have spent together really matter?!

The Cheerz box, which I ran a giveaway on a few months back, is a gorgeous box filled with “polaroid-style” photos, printed directly from your upload to the app on your phone. Cheerz have created a special Valentines Cheerz box, which is absolutely GORGEOUS, I have to say!

The other special Valentines product they have created is the ultimate little treat present. Think back to the old 90s movies. When people would go on dates and sit in photo booths together, posing and giggling. In the age of selfies, this little tradition has fallen by the way side, and I think that’s really sad!
Cheerz have got the photo booth strips, but you put your own photos on them – how cute?! And with 5 strips for £6.50, that’s even better value than the 1-strip-for-£2 booths I used to sit in with girlfriends back in Year 9 (before I discovered eyeliner or the blessings of hair layering or even a decent underwired bra!

Now, I know that I’m not buying valentines presents for anyone this year because I’m a single-pringle, so I’ve ordered these babies just for me. And actually, ladies, I have to say, if everyone else is getting sent presents and flowers and taken out for a snazzy dinner this Valentines and you are single, why not treat yourself to some pretty pictures of you and your ladies drinking colourful cocktails or pictures of your cat/dog/hedgehog-baby?! It’s only fair!!

Cheerz can be found at or in the app store. I also have a discount code for you guys – “GIRLRO” – just pop it in the promotional code box at checkout and you’ll get a nice cheeky discount!

p.s. please forgive the terrible quality photos in this post (ironic really, given the content!) – I wanted to get it out as soon as my photos arrived so these were taken in my hotel room in Glasgow last night at about 1am! (no daylight to be seen!!!)

*These photo prints were gifted to me, however all my views are my own.

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