A Week At Casa Leopardi!

montefiori italy

So this post is a little later than I had planned to post it but I’ve been super busy trying to earn as much money as I can before I head off the become a student again and so this post had kinda got left by the wayside!

Anyway, now I’m finally getting around to writing it!

You may have noticed, if you follow me on instagram or on twitter, that I have been away this month. We were visiting some of our very close friends at their villa in Italy, and it turned into a wonderful week of gossipy catch ups, drinking lots of wine, eating some incredible food and exploring, as well as lots of lying by the pool (which is NEVER a problem!)

My private balcony for the week, overlooking the vineyard!I love those kinds of trips, where you are with a group of people you can be truly yourself with and you end up getting into long winded conversations about absolutely nothing and just have a really good time.

Montefiori, the area we were staying in, is absolutely gorgeous and their villa is literally slap bang in the middle of a huge wine region of italy, which means they have their own vineyard (and yes, we did drink plenty of their wine whilst we were there!)

We ate incredibly well while we were there, and I’m quite pleasantly surprised to have come back the same size as I left….we ate so much cheese and bread and meat and drank oh so much wine, I was convinced I would have gained not just a few pounds but quite possibly a few dress sizes – but it is all such fresh food and such high quality that apparently it just doesn’t do that to you! My absolute foodie highlights have to be the Nutella Pizza at Mamma Rosas and the taster menu at Pepeneros – they buy whatever is fresh that day and make several courses from that, there is no menu, you eat a bit of everything! Yum!

We spent a couple of days at the beach, and a few days at the villa making the most of the two swimming pools and multiple balconies that the villa has to offer.

The sunsets while we were there were absolutely stunning – literally every night I had to get my camera out to snap a shot of the incredible pink sky or the splatters of red/orange across the horizon….I totally get why artists and photographers love italy….it is just STUNNING!

To the whole Gale family – Thank you for having us and for making us so welcome – it was so so lovely to see you all! xxx

I managed to film the entire trip, and have edited the footage into two bite-size blogs, rather than one really long one….so grab yourself a cuppa and a good chocolate biscuit and have a watch!

WARNING: the footage will make you hungry – there is a LOT of food!

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    August 26, 2016 at 9:48 am

    Oh my goodness, that Italian food! My mouth is watering, haha. Being full of pizza and wine can’t get much better really, can it?
    Montefiori looks absolutely beautiful – must have been so nice to have some time out there before starting your midwifery training :). The architecture looks so magical and charming. I feel so desperate to go to Italy now!

    Nicky xx

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