A Beautiful 48 Hours in Cornwall

I’ve mentioned my little magical space down in Cornwall on this blog before, and normally the summer is the time I get so spend at least 2 weeks down there, drinking wine in the hot tub, lying on the beach, eating fish and chips on the harbourside in Padstow, surfing and messing about in the sea.This summer however, my diary has been absolutely full to the brim, but I was completely determined to get down there, even if it was only for a really short amount of time. So, when I landed in Bristol, flying from Edinburgh, I went home, got a few hours sleep and then got up early, hopped in the car and drove down to the house to join my family down there.

I LOVE this house. There is something about being down there. In my head it is somewhere I can just chill out and be me. It’s a holiday without any feeling of having to go out on a rainy day if you don’t want to. A place where there is no pressure. No concerns. Just a chance to be somewhere that isn’t home and that can be whatever you need it to be.

I managed to arrive early afternoon on the Wednesday, in time to get everything sorted before a bit of crabbing, then zipping out on the boat with a bottle of wine while the sun set, followed by a wonderful big BBQ in the evening all together.

We spent the Thursday on the beach – reading and chatting and eating sandy chips (the ULTIMATE british summer holiday!), then went back to the house to sit in the hot tub and warm up before heading back to the beach (a different beach) for a beach BBQ as the sun set (which is all very romantic as an idea but as soon as the sun had set, it was just a group of us sitting in the dark!)

It was only a short trip, and on the Friday morning I had to head back to Bristol ahead of a busy weekend in Birmingham, but spending those few days in this magical place really was so brilliant.


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