Ten Things Thursday: Baked Beans and Life Support

I cannot believe another week has passed! The weeks seem to be absolutely zooming by at the moment! This week has been good, though I’m feeling a bit shattered – I suppose its only to be expected with long hours and trying to keep my brain awake for days and days of lectures (I’ve been out of the habit of studying and I’m finding it exhausting on the old brain!) so I could definitely do with a day in bed (or five!)

It’s been a busy week but I’ve still managed to get a lot done, so here are the ten things that have made me smile this week:

1. The Apprentice Is Back! I LOVE The Apprentice – all the drama, major mistakes, and even more drama – Can’t wait to see what this season has in store for us! (See my post here)

2. Mailing List. After AGES trying to get my mailing list subscribe to work, I actually managed it, all by myself! You can now subscribe to A Girl On A Journey by popping your email into the box on the left hand side and you’ll get a weekly email with updates! 🙂

3. Cosy Saturday Night In. Harry Potter, a huge bowl of strawberries, hair in towel and baby hedgehog on my lap – PERFECT!!!

4. Life Support. We learned Basic Life Support at Uni on Monday – such a fun day! (more in my next Midwife Mondays post!)

5. Mum Came To Visit. My Mum is the best. Sorry all of you who thought your mum was the best, mine wins! We had a sleepover, we went for a walk, she offered to buy me a new coat and we had tea by the river – Love you mum!

6. Diary Time. I love keeping a diary. Recently I’ve been so busy I’ve let my diary slip through the net but this week I’ve made a point to find time and it feels SO GOOD!

7. My Keyboard Is In Cambridge. My mum also brought my keyboard up, so now I can belt my lungs out whenever I want!

8. Pretty Pink Orchid. The best mum in the world also bought me a gorgeous Orchid for the flat – it is pink and it is SO PRETTY!

9. Baked Beans Snack Pots. Healthy Eating has me craving kid-food. Heinz Baked Beans do snack pots that are only 158 calories. Yum!

10. Bake Off. Bake Off is down to it’s last 4 contenders, It is so exciting I can barely control myself, Semi-Finals next week! 🙂 (Have a read of my thoughts on the Quarter finals here)

Features Image by Annie Spratt

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