Midwife Mondays 58: Another week of Maternity Assessment!

This week’s post is gonna be a quick one, purely because it’s already late to be posted and I just don’t have enough time this week to sit down and write a proper, well-thought-out post. I’m sure you guys get it – this course is, as always, completely mad.

So the placement for this trimester is all a bit split up. We have four weeks on one placement (for me, this was Maternity Assessment), then two weeks in another area before Christmas, and then we go back to the first area again in January for 3 weeks. So, last week was my final week in Maternity Assessment before the new year, and it was just as busy and varied as it has been up until now.

I had three shifts last week – and now I am completely shattered, both physically and mentally – I think I need about 3 weeks of just sleep to recover – simply said, Maternity Assessment certainly keeps you on your toes.

This week has probably been the most varied of these four weeks on Maternity assessment.

  • I have looked after a woman who had just had a car accident and wanted to check that all was ok with her baby – which, thankfully it was.
  • I have helped organise for a woman to be transferred to the antenatal ward to start her induction at 42 weeks.
  • I have seen several more women and monitored them for Reduced Fetal Movements.
  • I have looked after a couple of women who had come in for monitoring as they were overdue in their pregnancy but did not want induction yet.
  • I cared for one woman who came into the Maternity Assessment unit at 35 weeks as her waters had broken. She needed antibiotics and an overnight stay on the antenatal ward and then she was able to go home for a bit. As far as I know she is still pregnant nearly a week later and just having regular scans and monitoring.
  • I also looked after a woman who seemed to be contracting at 28 weeks. We ended up admitting her to the antenatal ward so hopefully they managed to get her contractions under control. One of the difficult parts of the job is not knowing the outcome for these women…it’s really tricky to detach yourself.

Now we are off back into uni for 4 weeks to learn pretty much the entirety of our Complexities module (eek!) and get our head around what is needed for our Public Health module, which is gonna be a bit of a mammoth essay….still trying to work out what I’ve actually got to include in it, but I’m sure I’ll get there. Eek!

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