Midwife Mondays 79: Skills days and Essay Deadlines!

I submitted my essay! Yay! This essay has probably been the toughest write of the course so far. It’s been a tricky one, but I think I’ve done enough to pass….I hope! I managed to submit it over the weekend and I can’t tell you what a relief it was after I click “Submit” (beforehand however I was a nervous wreck, to the point where I nearly had to get M to click it for me!)

This week we have had a couple of days in uni for skills sessions, the first on sepsis and the second on antepartum haemorrhage.

We only had a few more emergencies to learn before it becomes the time to revise them all ahead of our OSCE exams so each of these sessions is so important!

On Tuesday we had our session on antepartum haemorrhage. We learnt the theory part and the process of managing it, and then we carried out another simulation exercise (like we did with cord prolapse) where we each had a role and went from the very beginning, running through the management of an antepartum haemorrhage – beginning to end.
I find these simulations really useful for getting my head into how it all works. It also shows what each person does in each emergency – In this simulation, I was the paediatric SHO, which meant I was in theatre, and was involved in the resuscitation of the baby once it was delivered – which was also great practice for my newborn life support stuff!

On Thursday we were back in the skills lab again, this time focussing on Sepsis. Having revised a vast amount of Sepsis ahead of our complexities exam back in January, we knew about things like the sepsis 6 already, and so it was more the management of septic shock that we had to learn. This OSCE exam is gonna be a tricky one, but thankfully there are a few overlaps, so I’m hoping once I make some great revision notes, those little overlaps will make it all a bit easier – it feels a little overwhelming at the moment!

After we had covered Septic shock, we then had a quick recap and revision session on newborn life support again. As this is one of our two OSCE exams this year, I’m really appreciating the extra revision time! The tutors were going around the room and checking our positioning for each technique, and making sure we didn’t have any questions – so now I know that I’m doing it right… I hope!! Eek!

Friday was our final deadline for our Public Health essay, so of course at about Midnight the night before, I was up, triple checking that my submission had actually gone through – thankfully, it had! So now we just have to wait for the results to come out – argh!

Image by Ilya Pavlov

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