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I mentioned in last weeks post (click here to have a read) that this course was all about organisation – and it really really is!

Luckily, however, there is a company out there that seem to know what you need, even before you know you need it, and have created a range of products to help! The Happy Planner Company has individual ranges for Registered professionals, Student Nurses and Student Midwives – so whatever you are studying, and whatever stage of your training you are at, they have you covered.

I had a Happy Planner Co Student Midwife planner last year, so when The Happy Planner company offered to send me one this year, I absolutely jumped at the chance – they really have thought of everything.

This Planner is so much more than an organiser. Yes, they have a week-to-view diary with different sections for your home life, to do list and general space, but it also has note pages, inspiring quotes, childcare record pages, mileage record pages, assessment pages, places to put your placement objectives, pages to write your bibliography, a wipe clean revision schedule and meal planner, a fold out birth record, a folding out dilation board (so you can practice getting those all important dilations right) and even a page of colourful stickers to add into your diary pages including “Birth”, “Deadline”, “Exercise”, “Party”, “Big Day” and “Library Books” – how fab is that?!?!

Their planners aren’t the only things that they do really well, however, they also create their own Student Midwife Milestone cards – perfect for posting online without breaching confidentiality rules of the NMC – you can post a picture of you holding the relevant card without revealing what hospital you are at, what uni you are at or any more confidential information. They have a real variety of cards too, for all the way through your training, starting at “Today is my first day in Uni” all the way through to “Today I was offered a job as a Midwife”. Some are serious, like “Today I took blood for the first time” and “Today I finished Year One” and others are a bit more comedic, like “Today I need more coffee” and “Today I was covered in meconium” (which totally happens – ALWAYS carry spare underwear in your bag!!)

I have come across several midwives throughout my training who keep a really strict record of the babies they “catch”, and I love it! It’s so special! I bought a Birth Record from The Happy Planner Company before I started the course, and I’m so glad I did – it has become so special to me! I love the idea of being able to look back and know how many baby girls or baby boys I have caught, which was the heaviest, where they were born etc – it’s really special! The idea of being able to look back over my whole career when I’m old and grey, and know how many babies I have seen come into the world – this job is such a privilege and I want to remember that forever.

Reflection is a huge part of this training. No matter what uni you go to, you will write loads of reflective essays, but also you may need to reflect on some of the complicated scenarios just to process it for yourself. The Happy Planner Co have you covered here too, with a gorgeous spiral bound reflective notebook – perfect to keep in your uni or placement bag and write things when they occur to you. It isn’t split into sections to dated which just leaves so much flexibility for what you want to use it for and how you want to reflect.

I’m a big fan of the Happy Planner Company; their products all feature in my Student Midwife Shop, but I also use them in my own daily life, and given that I made such a point about how important organisation is on this course, I thought I’d share a bit more about their products and some links where you can get hold of them – they really are fab! (Click the links below to buy or visit my Student Midwife Shop)

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”happ” size=”large”]

Hope you all had a good weekend – enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday!

*Some of these items were kindly gifted to me by The Happy Planner Co, however, as always all opinions are my own – I had bought products from them before and I’m sure I will do again!*

To read last week’s Midwife Mondays post, click here:

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