A Wonderful Day-Date at Hitchin Lavender

We’ve been meaning to go to Hitchin Lavender since last summer – everyone was posting pictures of it on instagram and as I was a relatively new Hitchin resident at the time, I wanted to head on down and explore. But we were both so busy at the peak of last summer that the weekends passed by without us haing any time to head on down and we missed the season – by the time we both were free at the same time, and were actually in town, it was autumn time again!

This summer, however, we were determined not to miss it, and so a couple of weekends back, when we were both off for a day together and had no plans (which NEVER happens!), we headed on down.

I love lavender – Growing up, we always had lavender bushes in our gardens, so much so that one of my lasting memories of my childhood is picking the lavender, letting it dry out and then making lavender bags on the sewing machine to sell at the charity craft fair every year. It just smells so good!

Hitchin Lavender is a huge lavender farm in hertfordshire, and for a small entry fee, you can go in, explore the rows of gloriously purple lavender, take as many pictures as you want, grab a coffee, a beer or some food from the food trucks and even fill up paper bags with as much lavender as you can get into them to take home!

Needless to say I took far far too many photos, but it’s just so pretty! Walking through the rows upon rows of lavender, with purple as far as the eye can see; it’s just gorgeous and the smell is out of this world!

With all the promotion out there for saving the bees, Hitchin Lavender is defintiely doing their part! There are so many bees; but they are so content, they don’t sting you, even if you brush right past them or knock the lavender stem that they are sitting on! It’s quite nice to see them just doing their thing, buzzing around the lavender and flitting from bush to bush.

Honestly, this place is a blogger/instagrammers heaven – it’s such a unique setting and a fab place to just go and take a bunch of photos! My Instagram grid is definitely gonna have more than a bit of purple going on over the next month or so!

As well as the lavender, Hitchin Lavender has a field of sunflowers (which are beautiful) as well as foodtrucks selling artisan pizza and other scrummy looking hot food, plus their own cafe/bar which serves hot and cold food and drinks (including alcohol for those there in the evening or who fancy a beer in the sunshine over the weekend! The cafe also has some pretty exotic sounding lavender cakes too and the gift shop sells everything from lavender themed crockery and lavender bags to lavender tea – well worth checking it out!

We’ve both been so busy recently, and I’ve had such a mad schedule and have been so tired when I’ve actually been home that this was the perfect day-date for us to explore somewhere new and properly catch up and have a bit of time just us. You just can’t beat a good day-date! 🙂

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