Midwife Mondays 99: Proper relaxation time!

I love what I do. I really do. But it has been so nice to have a week off! A whole week away from all things Midwifery. To read, to bake, to write, to watch tv, to do laundry, to tidy the house, to plan my shopping for all the things I need for my Africa trip (read more here!), to spend some quality time really winding down. It’s been complete bliss!

So what have I actually been doing? Well, on Monday I spent the day in the hairdressers, drinking buckets full of tea and having my bonce done – actually went for proper bleach and all for the summer – It’s gonna take some getting used to, seeing myself in the mirror with it, but I’m really pleased with it! We started with a strand test and then went on to the actual bleach and toning process – and I got a good chance to dive head first into some blog work and a bit of my book too! I drove home several hours later with a completely new look; so exciting!

The rest of the week was spent having a bit of a general sort out. I started laying out everything for my packing for Africa on the spare bed, and then writing a list of the things I still need. Then there was quite a bit of laundry to do and general sorting that has just been a bit neglected over the past few weeks. I also went to the gym, met up with a couple of friends for coffee, and did some baking (see my Peanut Butter Chocolate Tiffin post here) – its been absolute bliss to just be in control of my own time for change!

On Friday afternoon we drove to my parent’s house in Bristol and spent Saturday catching up with friends and indulging in amazing greek food and frozen cocktails – YUM!

On Sunday we had a nice slow start and then headed to the airport. We are in Glasgow for 48 hours for the wedding party of one of the guys I went to drama school with tonight – will be lovely to catch up with them all, as well as a bit of a baptism of fire for M, meeting them all! 🙂

Less than a week until I fly to Africa now, in fact my next Midwife Mondays post will be posted from the house in Tanzania – eek! So exciting!

To read last week’s Midwife Mondays post, click here:

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