Midwife Mondays 103: Taking a Break – A Special Week In Spain!

Yes, I know, this post, along with pretty much every other post I’m putting up at the moment, is late!

It’s been busy, and, do you know what?! I’ve been giving myself a bit of a break!

By the time I got back from Tanzania I was completely SHATTERED – it had been physically and emotionally draining and all I needed was some proper time to hang out with my man and recoup, without any distractions or to-do lists, so I turned off for the week, and it was just what I needed!

I got back from Tanzania on the Sunday morning (early) and then we spent the day doing laundry and watching crap tv (which was EXACTLY what I needed!) and then on the Monday, he went to work and I unpacked the rest of my case, and then re-packed our case to go away again. We drove to Bristol on the Monday evening and flew out from Bristol airport at 6am on Tuesday morning. By Midday on Tuesday we were checked in and in our swim stuff by the pool, cocktails in hand – perfect!

We spent a blissful week lying by the pool, reading books, chilling out on the beach, drinking sangria, eating really good food and spending proper time together, which was so missed when I was in Africa! It was just lovely and exactly what we needed!

I will share a proper post about the trip and the hotel etc, but for this post, I just wanted to share that I took a week off. Completely. No midwifery. No course reading. No textbooks. No blogging. Just a proper break from my brain – and I felt amazing for it.

It’s so important to take a bit of time for yourself and to spend with your loved ones, particularly when you are on such a demanding course as this. I’m so lucky; M is so patient with everything about this course and is so supportive of me, even when I come home an absolute grumpy fart after a long and tough day – so taking some time off for us to spend proper time together was just perfect.

It was a lovely week, and we definitely didn’t want to leave come Sunday, but the real world was calling. M had to go back to work, and I had another week of my Elective placement to do – this time in Bristol at the hospital I was born in (more on that in my next Midwife Mondays post!)

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