First Post of 2019: I’m Back!

Hello all,

It’s been a while. Unexpectedly so, but definitely needed.

The end of 2018 for me was quite busy, and I found myself needing a little bit of time without any extra pressures. I wanted to make the most of everything getting festive and spending time with family.

December was a really busy month, and one where we only spent about 4 days at home. We spent a lovely 10 days up with M’s parents at the start of December (I was on study leave for my NIPE exam so we had the luxury of being able to take that time away) and then after just a few days back at home, we headed to Bristol to spend Christmas and the week running up to it with my parents, followed by a Boxing Day morning drive back up to M’s parents house for Boxing day celebrations, a very chilled “crimbo-limbo”, and a fantastic New Year before driving back to our little house in time for my NIPE exam on the 4th….Like I said, it’s been busy!

I didn’t make a conscious decision to give myself a bit of a blog break, but it just happened. I wanted to give myself the time with family, I wanted to concentrate on my revision for my exam and I wanted to spend proper time with M while he was off over Christmas; and so the blog just temporarily fell by the way-side. I’m back at it again now and I feel like the break has actually done me a lot of good – I’ve got clearer plans for where I want the blog to go this year, I feel much more focussed on things work-wise, and I feel ready to take on the rest of my training (can’t believe I finish in 8 months!)

So, this post was a little bit of a note to you all. I’ve received literally hundreds of messages from people checking I’m ok, which is so so lovely and I’m very touched! But I’m fine, and more importantly I’m back and ready to take on the world again!

I know there are several Midwife Mondays posts to catch up on, so you can expect those to be up as soon as possible – I’m on nights this week so I’ll have some time in my pjs after night shifts to curl up with my laptop and get working on getting caught up!

I hope you have all had a fab christmas and a wonderful new year – Here’s to a brilliant 2019, whatever that may hold for each of you!

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