VIDEO: Adjusting to a New rotation as a midwife

So while I was editing together my video last week (“What’s In My Bag: Delivery Suite Midwife Edition” – click here to have a watch) I found a folder full of footage that was filmed back in March when I started my short rotation to the Midwife Led Birth Centre. Clearly, I filmed it and then covid hit and so it never got edited together and shared. But, having watched it through, it actually gives a really nice insight into the experience of starting on a new area as a newly qualified midwife and also a good view into my work-life balance too – so I’ve edited it together for you to watch!

Please bear in mind that this video was filmed before covid, masks and social distancing, so please don’t leave me any hate! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video and seeing how my first week on a new rotation went!

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