Wedding Diaries: Booking our wedding Cake!

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a “Wedding diaries” update, and to be honest it’s because with everything covid-wise, it’s been quite tricky to meet up with suppliers and organise things for the past few months.

That said, in the last month there have been a couple of really exciting developments – one of which was M’s favourite days of wedding planning so far – Booking our Wedding Cake (obviously!)

Initial Contact

With our wedding being a little further away from where we live, we knew we wanted to use people local to the wedding venue for our wedding suppliers, rather than using people local to us and then them having to travel. We want to support the local economy and small businesses, which is something we both really strongly believe in. It has, however made things like meeting with suppliers a little more complicated – rather than being able to drive over on a Saturday afternoon and meet with them, as soon as it was ok to meet people outside your household indoors (by government guidelines), we not only had to wait for that but also had to wait until travelling further afield (and staying overnight) was allowed, before we could make the 4 hour drive to meet with any suppliers. This meant that although I contacted several bakers in the area back in March and April to see if they were available, we actually didn’t manage to meet with any of them until late July.

During that time where we couldn’t meet, suppliers seemed to be doing things differently, some holding dates for you for free until you could have an in-person consultation with them, others doing zoom consultations and posting samples to you – but they all made themselves very approachable, despite the difficult circumstances!


In the end, after lots of scrolling through websites and instagram accounts, and about a thousand emails back and forth about the type thing we wanted, when we were finally allowed to travel and meet people, I booked consultations with two brilliant bakers.

Upon meeting the first, however, we just knew that we wanted her to be one to bake our wedding cake. Her studio was so beautiful and we spent well over an hour discussing all the details and design-features of our wedding and the things we have planned. Then she drew up a sketch, there and then, of the cake she could make for us, taking our ideas and adding them in to make the absolute perfect wedding cake – we both LOVED IT!

It was such a special and personal experience; I really can’t fault it at all. She had also made us a selection of iced cupcakes in different flavours for us to try while we were there, with a cup of tea of course, and gave us a box of 5 further flavours to take away with us – 10 cupcakes in total! We left, absolutely buzzing (only partly due to the sugar high) and knowing that as long as her quote wasn’t outrageously expensive and out of budget, we wanted her to be the one to make our wedding cake!

We did go to the second consultation, but compared to the first, it just didn’t shine. If anything, it firmed up our decision that we wanted the baker from the first consultation – the comparison made us realise even more, how special our experience with her had been and how we needed to book her up quickly!

Quotes and booking

As soon as her quote hit my inbox, I was straight onto the internet banking app to transfer the deposit over – and she was booked!

SO so exciting as this was one of the last things we needed to book, supplier-wise and I was getting very anxious, with everyone moving their dates to next year, that we would struggle finding someone if we left it any later! 🙂

I honestly can’t wait to see what she makes for us on the day – I just know it will be perfect, and so uniquely made and designed for our wedding and to fit the touches we have planned.

I will be sharing the details of all our suppliers after the big day next year – can’t wait to share them with you all! 🙂

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