A Day In The Life: A Two-Show Saturday

Wow, it’s been a busy week! Between auditions, meetings and doing the show I haven’t had time to do anything else but sleep – it’s been mad!

Anyway, due to lack of time this week I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to that has been keeping me so busy – and then I’ll be back on track with regular posts within the next week or two I promise!

So, here is my Saturday, in a series of relatively badly lit iPhone photos!

10.15am – Breakfast. Ham omelette to fill me up for the long day ahead.

11.40am – Tea on the Tube (serious self-confessed tea-addict!)

12.15pm – Arriving at the theatre. How gorgeous is this mask I was meant to wear for a part of the show?! It got cut from the show after one of the previews so it is now my show mascot! 🙂

12.50pm – Hair all curled ready for the show. I use Remington silk curling tongs and they are AWESOME!

1.15pm – Makeup done. I have to draw on so many freckles for this show! Hehe!

We then had a vocal and physical warm up at 1.30pm and started the show at 2.30pm

3.40pm – Mug of tea in the interval! Yay!

5.20pm Dinner. (This photo is from the last time I made this – I forgot to take a photo in the theatre but I had courgette bolognese) YUM!

6.00pm Cosy curl up time before the evening show.

6.20pm – Delirium and hilarity hits backstage….tickle wars! Ha! Love this cast so much!

7.30pm – Second show starts.

8.45pm – Second show interval time.

10.30pm – Post show drinks in the bar before heading home – Sunday matinees leave no rest for the wicked and after two shows, everyone was very sleepy!

I hope you’ve found this interesting – it’s the only thing I’ve had time to concentrate on blog-wise this week! Today is my day off from the show so I have been doing all the things I haven’t had time to do and catching up on all the odd jobs.

Another busy week ahead, with a full week of the show and I’m also singing at the  London Palladium next Sunday night! Eek! More about that in a post soon – need to show you guys what I’m wearing for it – If all goes to plan, I’ve got an up and coming designer dressing me for it and I am soooo excited! 😊

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