Ten Things: A Bonus Two Week Catch Up!

So last week’s Ten Things post just didn’t happen. I had all the good intentions, I wrote a draft version – all ready for me to just finish off with some images and then publish – and then I went on a night shift….and when I came home, I didn’t finish it.
And then Thursday was gone and I decided that instead of posting it on Friday, I’d do a bonus version this week – so here we are! Two weeks worth of things that have made me smile, consolidated into Ten Things!

1. Media Kit. I finally sat down and finished my Media Kit for my blog – and it is so pretty! It definitely made me feel quite proud of how far my little blog has come in just under 2 years! (Have a look, it’s over on my “Work with me” page!)

2. Lie in weekend. I never thought I would underestimate how good sleep is, but after long hours and night shifts and your body clock being pretty much broken, having a weekend that involves sleeping late and drinking tea in bed until you can’t possibly stay in bed any longer is just bliss!

3. Bee movie. I watched “Bee Movie” the other night for the first time in ages – and I LOVE IT! Such a great film! 🙂

4. Curry. Healthy eating has deprived me of so many things, but I wandered into the M&S food section the other day and found a Chicken Tikka Masala for under 400 calories – Come to Mumma!

5. The Red Dress. I wore this red dress to the Vuelio Blog Awards on Friday – I’ve worn it before, when I sang at the Royal Albert Hall – its just s really good dress and every time I put it on, it makes me feel really special – I just love it!

6. Vuelio Blog Awards. Bloggers all together, dressed up, supporting each other and celebrating – this event really made me realise how wonderful the blogging community is to be a part of!

7. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar. Vuelio went above and beyond with this one – after the award ceremony and our main dinner, we went on to dance the night away and eat large quantities of ice cream that was being made for us, on the spot, using LIQUID NITROGEN! So cool! (literally!)

8. Photo Booth! Awesome props, gorgeous bloggers, and a few glasses of fizz – now point a camera at us! Ha! So much fun!

9. Girly night at Rush Hair Cambridge. Full post to follow, but I spent Monday night this week eating cake and having my hair styled by the gorgeous people at Rush in Cambridge – Yay!

10. Brindisa Tapas Night. Another one with a post to follow but Tuesday night I nipped into London to try out the foodie stylings of Bridisa in Shoreditch – Charcuterie, paella and all the wine – such a great night! 🙂

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