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London Fashion Week. From the outside, very glamorous, celeb-tastic and lots of fun – and it is all of those things, but it is also completely exhausting!

So, what better way is there to relax at the end of five days wearing silly shoes and rushing across London than to be invited to drink cocktails and get pampered at the Ghd studio?!

Ghd were running styling session from their studio in soho throughout London Fashion Week – styling your hair to one of 6 forecasted styles from Ghd’s UK style ambassador Zoe Irwin – but this night was a special invite-only night with cocktails and a selfie-mirror (iPad in a really fab “mirror” case for posting on social media – ideal for bloggers!) in their specially done-up “S&M Studio”.

I have to say, some of the events I go to, you turn up and don’t really know how it is all going to work, but I was almost immediately presented with a golden sparkly drink called “Movement” and walked over to my stylist to have my hair styled for the evening – how exciting and so much fun!

I was lucky enough to be actually styled by Zoe, who has been behind all the style-forecasting for the Ghd this Fashion Week Season. We had such a lovely chat – she travels all over the world with her work with Ghd, styling hair for major stars and super models and here she was, doing mine!!
Zoe is so completely down to earth, and we genuinely didn’t stop talking. She asked me about blogging, what I do and how it all works (like I know?!?!) and I asked her about travelling the world and how style-forecasting works (which she really does know!). It was so so lovely – and she really is an amazing woman with a real creative eye!

Zoe has recently been style-forecasting the looks that will be huge next spring – a lot of them being showcased at London Fashion Week, and these looks were available for us to try out on the night. The looks were creatively labelled on the night to fit the “S&M” theme, with the “Sleek” (straight) looks: ‘Pinned Down’, ‘Bound’ and ‘Bare’, and the “Movement” (wavy) looks: ‘Teased’, ‘Tied Up’ and ‘Unleashed’!

I am completely awful at decisions so I handed over all decision-making responsibility to Zoe, who picked the ‘Teased’.
I absolutely loved what she did – and, as she explained to me how to do it as she was doing it, I have actually worn the look a few times since and it has always had really nice comments – Thanks Zoe! 🙂

My attempt to re-create the look…

The rest of the night was filled with more golden sparkly cocktails, posing with the masks and gossiping with the other guests. We were all obviously having far too much fun as we didn’t realise how late it was getting until they told us they were locking up and we had to leave! Ha!

I was also given a lovely goodie bag from Ghd including a Ghd cookie(!), Ghd’s beautiful paddle hairbrush and the Ghd Style “Curl Hold” spray and “Straight & Tame” cream. It wasn’t just Ghd things in the goodie bag though – there was also a gorgeous Leighton Denny nail varnish, some Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherries, some Popchips, a Qcumber drink (yum!) and, and this really made me giggle – A BLINDFOLD, to fit with the S&M theme! Cheeky! 🙂

It really was the perfect end to a really busy week – bit of pampering, bit of gossip and some golden-sparkly-gin-filled cocktails! 🙂

Thanks for having me Ghd!

*GHD gave me a great goodie bag, and all of our drinks and hair styling was gifted, however all my views are my own.

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