Sick Days – Give Yourself a Break!

In the week before Christmas I had the most horrendous stomach bug I’ve had in years. Unable to eat, unable to sleep, everything I did knocked it out of me, and there was nothing I could do about it.
Luckily, I just about managed to kick it in time for Christmas. I mean, you have no idea how buzzing I was to keep food down the night before Christmas Eve, finally, and knowing that I’d be able to join in with the serious food fest that is mid-late December – and I did. I ate, I drank and it was so so good.

However, as if to spite me, the b*****d bug has decided that although it let me have Christmas, as soon as I’m all set to go back to work and get into some kind of routine again, it hasn’t quite finished with me yet and is has come back with a vengeance. I can’t eat, I’m up through the night and, frankly, I’m feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

I was sat thinking about it, and I decided that, yes, I probably could power through and sit, slumped and queasy at my desk and attempt to get something sensible and witty written, potentially send some sensible emails and then feel even worse later on, or I could give myself the time to get better properly, watch some tv, curl up and drink tea and just give my body the break it needs, whilst getting some writing done sitting on the sofa – so that’s where I am now, curled up in my comfy m&s pyjama bottoms (seriously the softest pjs I’ve ever owned!) bra off, christmas jumper on (well, I’m not going out of the house, am I?!) with a cup of tea in hand. Yes, I’m making some lists and planning some content, and typing this post (god knows where it’s going….!), but I’m also letting my body rest, the curtains shut (too much light is making my head pound), Harry Potter is playing on the tv and I’m surrounded by blankets and cushions.

I’m such a strong believer of listening to your body. If you think your body has had enough, the chances are you are right. Your body needs a rest. Your brain needs to relax. You need to slow down and give yourself the time to recover. Mentally or physically or both, when you know something is wrong, you need to give yourself the time, and there is nothing to be ashamed of about that. If you listen to what your body needs, you can look after yourself properly.

So, I’m going to spend a couple of days in my pyjamas, nibbling on cold chicken nuggets (because that’s all I’ve managed to eat in 3 days) and drinking tea. Then when I feel better, I’m going to get up and get on with my year – but right now, I’m going to look after me.

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    January 7, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    It's the best thing to do when you're not feeling great. Have a good rest and I hope you get better soon. Stomach bugs are the absolute worst.

    Love, Eline

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    January 8, 2016 at 12:13 am

    I feel for you. I've worked very hard the past couple of years and got ill over Xmas both times where I had an extra couple of days onto the weekend. I think the body just knows there's some 'down time' so it just gets ill. Hope you're better now.

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