The Cutest Little Hedgehog EVER!

So for those of you who saw my “New Addition” post the other day, you will know that I now have a GORGEOUS baby hedgehog.

All I can say is I’m never gonna get any work done ever again. Seriously, even as I write this he is climbing onto my keyboard trying to help….too cute!

When I went to pick him up on Sunday I had a name in mind but wanted to meet him properly before I finalised it…in case I met him and it just didn’t suit him at all…but luckily, I think it suits him perfectly!

So, let me introduce you to ‘Twiglet’! 🙂

He was so so good on the drive home on Sunday. He slept for most of the journey but about half way home, he popped his little head up as if to say “are we there yet?!” which just made me giggle!

He’s been with me for 5 days now and I am completely in love! Getting him up for cuddles in the evening is just so cute – he’s still only a baby so he just falls asleep on me in front of the tv – so adorable!!!

He has been so totally spoilt….he even has a tiny hedgehog sized sofa/bed on my desk so he can join me doing some late afternoon work (he’s nocturnal so he will be asleep most of the day but when he gets up he has a bed on my desk!)

He also has an instagram account now so my normal account doesn’t end up just being pictures of him…. his username is @twiglet.thehedgehog so give him a follow if you fancy updates of his cute little face!

I promise, I will start writing about other things again soon….I’m just a little bit smitten and I can’t seem to get any new ideas to come to my mind before he clambers across my keyboard and reminds me how super cute he is!

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