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The sun is shining! Can we all just take a minute to have a little bit of a grey’s anatomy style dance party?! The sun is out! Summer is on it’s way!

Now that the sun is here, the BBQs come out and when you’ve got something to celebrate and the sun is shining, what better way to celebrate than to whack out a BBQ, invite a group of friends over and have a few drinks and a bit of a party?!
That was exactly our logic last weekend – we got out the BBQ, bought sausages and burgers and made about 500 different types of salads and sides and decorated the house for a proper party!

We were very very lucky to have been gifted some boxes of Aspall’s new Cyder, Waddlegoose for the party – and all I can say is, once this cyder is available in your local, you’d better grab some super super fast because I have a sneaky feeling this is going to be incredibly popular!

I had the Three Berry flavour (several of them in fact….hic!) and it is wonderful. It has the berry flavour without being too sweet, which is the issue I have with some of the other berry and mixed fruit ciders out there. It is modern, refreshing, crisp and incredibly drinkable!
We only have a few left after the weekend (told you it was super drinkable!) but I know I’ll be buying some more to keep in my fridge over the summer for the next time the BBQ comes out or for cracking open in the sunshine after a long workday!

We started our dinner with lamb ribs and king prawns – which are INCREDIBLE on the BBQ, then after a few hedgehog cuddles for the people who hadn’t met my little Twiglet yet (see his instagram here!), and a few more drinks, we got to cooking the burgers, sausages, pork loin and veggie kebabs – yum yum yum!  (gotta say, all that was missing was a bit of barbequed Halloumi – ah well, excuse for another BBQ soon, right?!)
The weather was completely perfect for it, not a cloud in the sky and cracking open a bottle of Waddlegoose and having a good old gossip with good friends in the sunshine was perfect for a sunny BBQ party!
My garden looked so pretty in the sunshine! 🙂

And, when you have something to celebrate, what better way to add a completely special touch than to pop a special quote or the name of the birthday girl/boy or couple getting married etc on a wristband for all the guests?! We had just this from the fantastic people at ID&C wristbands – they popped a special quote (originally Audrey Hepburn, but now, just a really good philosophy for life!) onto fabric wristbands for all of the people at the party – and they looked totally fab – I’m keeping mine on forever – I love it!

So, heres to more BBQ parties, with colourful salads, yummy BBQ meat, tipsy cyder drinking and good friends while the sun shines – bring on an amazing summer! And thank you to Waddlegoose and ID&C wristbands for making it such a special day! 🙂

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For more info about Waddlegoose, click here.
For more about ID&C wristbands, click here. 🙂
*These items were gifted to me, however all views are my own.

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