My African Midwifery Adventure with Work the World – send me your questions!

Just a short one today – I’ve had LOADS of messages recently about my experience with Work The World out in Tanzania, asking about whether I would recommend it, what to pack, how much it cost, what did I learn etc etc.

So, I’m making a bit of a plan – I still have a weeks worth of posts to get out from my time out there; so I’m going to get all of them written and posted in the next few weeks, and then if anyone still has questions, or if these posts bring up more questions, if you guys just leave them as a comment on the posts (at the bottom of the post), drop me a tweet, send me an email or hop over to my Contact page then I will get a full Q+A post out, answering all the questions I get.

I know that booking an elective placement can be a bit of a daunting task, and I had loads of questions when I booked mine; so I’m happy to help – just send over your questions!

To read about the rest of my trip, see the “My African Midwifery Adventure” posts here, or click on the links below.

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