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We may be closer to 30 than 25, and potentially favour an evening in with a glass of wine and a movie over a night out dancing and slamming shots, but M and I are proper big kids!

From the lego set I got him as one of his birthday presents and the evenings spent watching superhero movies through to every time he jumps out at me as I walk upstairs making me jump out of my skin or how often we laugh at really immature jokes, we are firmly of the belief that although growing old is mandatory, growing up is a choice.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is a choice

So, when we were invited to head down to Vertigo Adventures and try out their high ropes course, we obviously jumped at the chance. Not that a high ropes course is even just for kids, in fact, Vertigo Adventures do corporate days and days out for grown ups as much as they do children birthday parties and scouts/brownies trips; it really is one for all the family!

We had our friends Abi and Chris (who introduced us!) staying for the weekend so the four of us headed down, ready to try everything! We were doing their “Adrenaline Package” which includes a bit of everything; The Monkey Trail low ropes course, The Hawks View high ropes course, The Plummet 30ft freefall, The Crazy Climb climbing wall, and The Flying Fox zip wire – what more could four big kids ask for?!?!

We started with the low ropes course, starting by getting harnessed up and then after a short safety demonstration from Zac, one of the members of the friendly team at Vertigo Adventures, we got going! The low ropes course was good fun, and though there were a few elements that were a bit tricky, they weren’t too tough, so even little ones would be able to do them without much difficulty!

Once we had completed the low ropes we headed up to the high ropes. This is where it all got a bit tricky. The sunshine, which had been beaming down and yet threatening to make a quick exit at any moment, disappeared, and the dark clouds rolled in, bringing with them a really strong wind, heavy rain and even a bit of sleet! Add into it that the high ropes are not only higher but definitely harder, it was absolutely hysterical!

The high ropes has a hard path and an easy path, and, not one to shirk a challenge, I led the group onto the hard path…and they really weren’t kidding when they said it’s hard! Very smugly, I managed to get across the first element, and M really struggled with it (this is something that NEVER happens – he is so much stronger than me) and so I was really pleased to have managed it when he ended up hanging in his harness and trying to get back up, in a very ungainly manner!

We made our way around the high ropes course – definitely aching by the end (they state when you book that you need a decent level of fitness for the high ropes course and I’d definitely agree; we are all quite fit and we all had to work quite hard to get round the course!) but having had so much fun and a proper laugh in the process!

Next, we headed on to the Plummet – a 30ft freefall (in your harness). The fall itself wasn’t too bad, with the rope catching you softly on the way down – but the act of physically stepping off the edge certainly got my blood pumping! It’s complete against every instinct you have, but we all managed it! M caught a really funny photo of me which absolutely captured how I was feeling as I got roped up for it – not the most flattering photo of me ever, but just look at my face! Somehow every else managed it with a lot more grace and elegance! Ha!

Once we had all made it safely to the ground, we had a go at the Crazy Climb Climbing wall. This wall has two lines, so two climbers can go at once – which, of course, led to the boys racing up! We each had a couple of go’s on each path, and managed to make it up to the top (definitely made more difficult by the achiness from the high ropes!)

Our final activity of the day was the Flying Fox Zip Wire – 165ft of zip line, to get us all back to the ground and finish the day with a final rush of adrenaline – Just awesome!

These activities were all supervised and supported by the wonderful team at Vertigo Adventures – and thanks to this fantastic team we had a brilliant time, and even though we had adrenaline pulsing through our bodies, we knew we were safe at all times, which is so important with things like this – so thank you to the team for looking after us and showing us such a good time; Darren, Leah, Emily and Zac!

We had a fantastic trip to Vertigo Adventures, and I highly recommend it to everyone; big kids and real kids alike!

Vertigo Adventures can be found on their website (, facebook (@vertigoadventures), twitter (@vertigoadvent) and instagram (@vertigo.adventures).

They are located just off the A1 at junction 4 at Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City.

*Our trip to Vertigo Adventures was gifted, however as always all opinions are my own!*

The Team at Vertigo Adventures

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