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So we all know I love travelling. I love seeing new places and trying new things. But we don’t all have the budget to nip off to the south of France at the tip of a hat just for the evening. Wouldn’t it be amazing to finish a long day at work in the clammy heat of the office and be transported to the boardwalks of Nice for a few champagne cocktails and some Mediterranean nibbles and then be transported back to sleep in your own bed at night?!? Well, now you can!

Le Meridien Piccadilly have been working with their partner hotel, Le Meridien Nice, and have created a french paradise in central London and, GET THIS, it has an outdoor terrace. Yes, you read that right, an outdoor space in central London, overlooking piccadilly, which isn’t tacky or so rammed full of people that you leave covered in beer and tequila shots and you spend the evening peeling your shoes off the floor! It’s the dream, right? It’s what every Londoner looks for! (You’re welcome!)

The fantastic Nouveau Vague!
I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch last night and it really was incredible!
I have to say, bloggers really are a wonderful breed! Before I arrived at Le Meridien last night, I tweeted saying that I was going along and within 10 minutes I had a plan to meet up with two wonderful bloggers, Katy and Vicky, who were also invited. I had read this amazing piece that Katy wrote recently which really hit home with me (as I have just written a similar piece, here) and we had been tweeting, but just like that the three of us met for a quick coffee, and then went in together to spend the evening giggling, drinking bubbles and taking photos of each other. It’s such a special thing to meet other bloggers, and for me, I would have had a really good night anyway, but meeting these girls and having the evening together just made it even more special for me!

I love events like this. Events where you get to see something you genuinely don’t expect – and something you are really excited about.
On arrival, we were presented with champagne cocktails (it’s a hard life!) and then we had a bit of an explore! It really did feel like we had just wandered into a little piece of France, with deckchairs and colourful climbing flowers over beautiful blue shutters. Along the centre of the main space there was a stunning boardwalk that did make me feel a little bit like kicking off my shoes and looking for the nearest bit of sea to jump into!

All evening there was the most incredible food going around, created by Le Meridien Piccadilly’s Executive Chef, Daniel Ayton in collaboration with Le Meridien Nice’s Executive Chef, Eric Brujan. The variety of food was amazing, with my favourites being the “Thon Grille et Ratatouille” (Grilled Tuna Steak, cooked PERFECTLY, with a kind of Ratatouille salsa salad – YUM!) and the Sea Bass with Lemon and Tomato Concasse – there is just something about eating really really gorgeous seafood with surroundings that make you completely believe you are in France that just makes you feel like you are definitely on holiday for the evening! Yum!
The desserts were nothing short of masterpieces – they weren’t just super tasty, they were stunning – as in actual little pieces of art! Just look how pretty!!!
The extra exciting part of their cocktail menu over the summer, which I will DEFINITELY be ordering is the “Cocktail Espadrilles” – for £29 you get a gorgeous fruity champagne and vermouth cocktail (which we were drinking last night) AND, get this, a pair of designer espadrilles from Nice-based fashion brand “1789 Cala” (there were a few pairs around last night and they are just sooooo pretty and look so incredibly comfortable!)

We spent quite a bit of the evening out on the terrace, which, I have to say has one of the best views of central London that I’ve ever found at a terrace bar. With deckchairs and benches, and lovely little tables, it really felt like a little piece of paradise and it’s right above one of the most touristy, busy streets in central London!

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So, now I’ve found my London summer paradise, I wonder how many of you I will bump into there as the weather gets warmer and we all start craving a little european escape at the end of our work day! 🙂
Le Meridien Piccadilly Summer Soirees pop-up is open 7 days a week from 12-10.30pm from now until 20 September so make the most of it!

To book a table or for more info, email or go to

Le Meridien Piccadilly can be found on twitter at @LM_Piccadilly.

*Our nibbles and drinks were gifted to us, however all my views are my own.

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