2016 Round Up – Part Two: Travel

2016 was a pretty darn good one for me travel-wise! I absolutely love exploring new places, getting away from the real world for a few days, and throughly immersing myself in what these new places have to offer – and this year brought some incredible opportunities to do just that!

In 2016, I started my travelling with a ski trip to Val d’Isere, my favourite ski resort, in France. We stayed with YSE again and they really looked after us! The snow was fab, and we had a real adventure! There is no holiday that quite compares to a ski trip – the refreshing cold air, the incredible landscapes – I just love it! (Have a look at the vlog here)
I think I might end up going on a last minute trip this year, because I didn’t manage to go over my Christmas break….just gotta hope the snow sticks around and then I can book something for the first week of my Easter hols…I hope! 

I also got to go down to my parent’s gorgeous house in Cornwall a few times this year – spending evenings sitting in the hot tub with a glass of wine and the days walking along the beach with a piping hot cornish pasty – perfect! Definitely going to get down there again this year – hopefully sooner rather than later!

In June, David and I went to Spain for a week and had the most incredible adventure – we spent a few days staying with his gorgeous Granzee at her house, and then drove down to Benidorm for 2 days to go to a water park and a theme park, before heading back to Granzee’s house for a final few days of eating paella in the sunshine by the pool. Such a special trip with such a special friend – here’s to many more trips together in the future! (The vlog of the trip can be found here!)

Then, in july, my family and I headed out to Italy to spend a week with some very good family friends in their incredible villa there – it even has it’s own vineyard so we spend the evenings drinking wine whilst overlooking the vineyard that it came from! My full post on this amazing trip can be found here – and I also vlogged the trip too – have a look! (Part One) (Part Two)

In August, I managed to spend a few days at the Edinburgh Fringe, which brought back many many memories of being 21 and drinking cider for the whole month of August….next year, I want to go back for a bit longer – I was technically there working so I didn’t get to see any shows – but even absorbing the atmosphere was pretty magical!

My Final trip of the year was in the week before I moved to Cambridge when I was, very excitingly, invited to visit the beautiful city of Košice in Slovakia! I did a very detailed vlog of the whole trip, but I am also going to write a blog post about it at some point in the next month or so as I still have so many photos to share with you all. Košice is such a beautiful city and we were absolutely spoiled rotten by the wonderful ladies from Visit Košice! Full post to follow in the next month, and you can see my vlog over on my Youtube channel. (Part one here) (Part two here)

I’d love to do more travelling this year – I want to try to explore the places you can go for a long weekend, as I know that places a little further afield aren’t so practical for people with limited holiday (and that is now me since I started this course!) I want to share the places you can go for just a few days, and still feel like you’ve had a holiday – and what to do when you get there. Getting away, even for a few days is so so good for us! So if you’ve got any recommendations of places to go for a long weekend, do let me know in the comments and I’ll try to put together a bit of a Top Ten by the end of 2017!

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