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A year ago today, I arrived in Cambridge for the very first time in my life, for an interview. Now, one year later, I’ve been living here for 6 months, and I am absolutely loving it.
This city is so vibrant and, for a foodie like myself, it is absolute bliss! Cambridge is full of independent restaurants, wonderful pop up vans, the market is absolutely full of all things yummy, and there are hidden gems around every corner!

I’ll be honest, as a newish Cambridge resident, I hadn’t heard of Cambridge Cookery School when the invite to dinner popped up, but I’ve certainly heard of it now – and I’ll be back!

Cambridge Cookery School run a huge variety of classes, from a few hours for kids to a full on 5 day residential course that teaches you everything you need to “cook healthy, delicious food for life” – and they have a cafe too!
We were visiting the cafe, and not the actual “school” part, however, now that I know it exists, I’d love to come back and try one of the classes – their Authentic Mexican Food class sounds right up my street!

On arrival at the Cafe, we were presented with a gorgeous grapefruit prosecco cocktail – always a great start – and from then on, my glass was not empty! They have a wine bar on site, and we definitely made the most of it! Ha!
We were also given some honey roasted rosemary almonds – My god, I want these in my flat at all times – YUM!Once everyone had arrived, the food came in the form of several large sharing platters, each with a different geographic influence, starting with the Japanese platter, and then moving on to the Mediterranean Meze platter, the Scandinavian platter and the Italian Platter – we had a little of everything and it was all absolutely gorgeous!

For me, top of the bill has to be the Japanese platter – with incredible vegetable tempura, crabmeat and vegetable sushi and the most incredibly cooked steak (I’m calling it steak and it sounds like a hunk of meat, but this was so delicate and so beautiful cooked, the word ‘steak’ really doesn’t do it justice!) all served on a bed of salad – I was totally sold from the moment it appeared on the table!

Having said all of that, I would happily eat any one of those platters again (or all of them….y’know, if I must!) – the focaccia was incredible, the pesto was out of this world, all of the cold meats were stunning and the flavour combinations on each platter were amazing – I’m absolutely sold!

We ended the evening with mini eton mess and a mini gluten free chocolate brownie each, and an amazing little coffee that was (I think!) an espresso shot with a bit of ice cream on top – whatever it was, it was incredible, and despite not really being a coffee girl, I want it again!!

I came home, full of really good food, more than a little bit tipsy from all the wine (not even kidding….all the wine!), having spent a really wonderful evening with some fantastic faces, both old and new! Cambridge Cookery School, I’ll be back (apart from anything else, I had a look at the brunch menu while I was there and I want it all in my life!!!)

Cambridge Cookery School and Cafe can be found online at, as well as on their twitter account @ccookeryschool or just turn up – they keep tables aside for walk ins!

Cambridge Cookery School and Café, Purbeck Road, Cambridge, CB2 8EB.

*This gorgeous dinner was gifted to us, however as always, all views are my own.

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