Last day of being 25 – Top 20 things!


I did a very similar post to this at new year, when I was saying a not-so-fond farewell to a difficult 2015, but the past 6 months have, again, held some ricky times and some very hard decisions and now feels like I know where I’m heading and (hopefully) like the really tricky life-questioning part is done. It feels like a turning point.

I don’t, however, want to look back at being 25 and only see this difficult year. I mean, 25 was the year I moved back into my parents house to re-analyse my life, the year where I finally decided to move on from professional musical theatre, the year I decided to pursue midwifery, the year where I basically had to fall apart to build myself back up – but there have also been some really amazing opportunities and experiences…. So I wanted to write this post, as much for me looking back on this year in the future as for you guys to see a bit of what I’ve been up to.

Here are my Top 20 things from being 25!

1. Shaun The Sheep Challenge 
All over Bristol there were 50 Shaun the Sheep sculptures – I set myself the challenge to find them all……in one weekend! 🙂 Read my post about it here.

2. Stormy Sunsets in Cornwall
It is always like a little piece of magic when I get down to our beautiful house in Cornwall – can’t wait to get back down there this summer!

3. Recording Studio Days
This year has meant more time in the recording studio working on a variety of different projects. This one was one of many sessions with the incredible Dan and Laura Curtis. 🙂

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4. American Adventure!
Starting in New Haven, up to Vermont, the Boston, Cape Cod and finally New York.
Read all about it here.

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5. First time in New York City!

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6. Blogger Events
This year has also been full of blogger events, which have led to me meeting some wonderful people, and gaining some fantastic relationships with brands and PR companies too. 🙂


7. London Fashion Week!
This year I was lucky enough to be invited to London Fashion week with this blog – read my post about the incredible Fyodor Golan show here.

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8. Amazing Dinners
The blessing of being a food blogger is you get to try such incredible food – and this year I’ve been well and truly spoilt at a huge selection of restaurants!

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9. Six Beautiful weeks in the French Alps
Yes, the trip came to an unexpected early finish, but while I was out there I met some wonderful people and this was the view I woke up to every day – it could have been worse!

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10. Home for Christmas!
This is my mad little cousin, Daisy – who decided I needed more festive decorations than just christmas day makeup!

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11. I brought home my baby!!!!
He was technically a christmas present but he was too young to leave his mum before the first week of January – now I can’t imagine not having him around! Check out his instagram here.

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12. Singing with the Incredible Glasgow Philharmonia Orchestra!
This was such a fantastic evening, and I got to sing songs from all the musical theatre roles I had dreamed of playing – Fantine, Grizabella, Glinda, Maria and more! Amazing night! And I got to wear the incredible Rosie Red Corsetry dress again!!! See videos here.


13. Skiing with the family!

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14. Mamma Mia UK Tour Press Night
I| was invited along to see the press night of the Mamma Mia UK Tour with my gorgeous friend David! Lucky girl!

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15. More time in the beautiful cornwall house!


16. Twiglet’s London Adventure

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17. Received my Uni offer and started planning my new life in Cambridge!
Read the post all about my new direction here.

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18. Holiday with the very handsome and gorgeous David Ribi!

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19. Being part of the incredible #WeAreHere tribute!
To see my full album of shots, see A Girl On A Journey’s Facebook Page.


20. Modelling Shoots
I never thought I could be a model, but I’m getting more and more shoots through and I love it!


Maybe it’s not been such a bad year after all! 🙂 Now to see what 36 brings… less than 12 hours! Eeek!

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  • Reply
    Kim Petersen
    July 7, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Sometimes it's nice to focus on the positives, even when things are tough and it looks like you had some real highlights! Hope the next year goes well for you! XO -Kim

  • Reply
    Ciara Munnelly
    July 7, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Happy Birthday! So many exciting things to come I'm sure !!

  • Reply
    Jasmine Riel
    July 7, 2016 at 10:54 pm

    You've had such a wonderful year and I'm so happy for you! I'm so jealous of you – I'd love to perform more (I'm more classical/operatic and I can't wait to listen to some of your videos since I adore musical theater too!). I'm so excited for what's to come in the near future for you too.

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