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Boobs. Baps. Bosoms. Chesticles. Fun-bags. Bazongas. Melons. Jugs. Party Pillows. Puppies. Nunga Nungas (Thank you “Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal snogging!) Whatever you call them, ladies, we’ve all got them.

Some are bigger or smaller than others, but we all have them. And with boobs comes the need for a good bra. Not just a good bra, but a good bra that actually fits!

Did you know that 84% of us are wearing the wrong size bra? Wearing the wrong size can cause problems with posture, as well as being uncomfortable, and, if you are wearing a size too small for you, you get the incredibly sexy (not!) four-boob scenario…definitely not ideal!

Boux Avenue have recently had their Bra fitting training accredited by the City & Guilds, a global leader in skill accreditation, which means there is simply no excuse to be wearing the wrong size any more! I was invited down to their Westfield store for the launch of their AW16 range and was offered a fitting, which, for the sake of research I accepted. I was so impressed. I was treated with such dignity. I’m not one to whip my baps out at the slightest opportunity and I know that many women, particularly younger women, find the idea of someone measuring their boobs really uncomfortable, but at no point did I feel embarrassed or exposed – the advisor simply measured around my ribs and then brought me some bras to try on and analysed the bra’s fit on me. She even offered to leave the room any time I changed bras so if I really wanted to maintain completely privacy, I could.


I could definitely see the benefits from her checking the size on me, because she was looking at the anatomical and postural aspects of my bra fit, and not just whether it gives me a great cleavage or not (although this was also taken into consideration!) and I ended up going up a size from what I have been wearing for years!

I’ve always been a fan of Boux Avenue – I find that a lot of places that provide the larger sizes (as many stores don’t go higher than a D, which is completely pants!) don’t seem to have the added support that you need when you are carrying around the equivalent of two rather large bags off flour on your chest! Boux Avenue have always been my go-to bra shop since they opened in 2011 because they seem to make bras that manage to keep my 34DD’s in check (as they seem to have a life of their own!), whilst also making larger bras that look sexy. If you shop elsewhere, a lot of the sexy designs stop at a smaller size, and larger busted women are left with some very dull designs that look like something you would carry your shopping in, not reveal in a moment of passion!


While I was at their Westfield store, I was also given a glass of champagne and a look through their new AW16 range and I LOVE it!  There is some really gorgeous stuff about to be released, with a few cheeky previews already available!

I particularly love the “Sofia” lingerie set, which they very generously gifted me after my fitting! It’s just so pretty and the fabric reminds me a little of the darker Ted Baker prints (which I also love) – now I just need to nip (no pun intended) into Ted Baker and get myself the shoes to match the underwear!

They also have some absolutely gorgeous nightwear, including this absolutely GORGEOUS playsuit (is it a playsuit? or a teddy? someone enlighten me!) – which I am very close to picking up for myself – it just looks so comfy whilst also being incredibly sexy!

I’ve also got my eyes on this gorgeous set with coral red flowers on. I love the idea that the fabric the flowers are on is quite sheer – it reminds me a little of the logic behind burlesque in that its the thrill of what you don’t show – the sheer fabric teases but all your bits and bobs are actually completely covered!

 They also have some gorgeous unpadded, lace bodies coming in including this absolutely stunning one in dark blue (which they also have in a light gold)


And for those of you who can wear bralets without causing a major hazard to all in the near vicinity (I say this because I cannot!), they have some absolutely gorgeous ones with cut-out details and gorgeous added flourishes coming out too.

Honestly, go in store and have a look (and a FREE bra fitting!) – it is all so gorgeous. The full range will be out by October, with some pieces available already.

Do let me know if you go in store and pick anything u or have a bra fitting – I would say to tweet me pictures but I think that sounds a bit rude – Ha!

Boux Avenue can be found in 28 stores UK wide as well as online at or on their twitter and instagram accounts.

*This experience and some of the lingerie featured was gifted to me by the wonderful people at Boux Avenue, however all views are my own.

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