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As this post goes live, I will be on my way to Luton airport where I will be meeting a couple of other travel bloggers and boarding a plane to Košice for a 3 day explore!“Where is Košice?” I hear you ask. Well, Košice is in eastern Slovakia, near the border with Hungary. It isn’t the capital of Slovakia, which is Bratislava, but it is the second biggest city in Slovakia, and has also been named the 2013 European Capital of Culture. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

I am heading out there as a guest of Visit Košice, and I cannot wait! We have a jam-packed itinerary so we can see the real high points of this underestimated city. I will be vlogging the trip as well as taking lots of photos to post on this blog when I get back, and in the meantime, do check my instagram (I’ll be posting whenever I get wifi! I might even try to post on my instagram story too…!) – I can’t wait to share the trip with you guys!

I honestly have no idea what to expect from Košice – I have had a bit of a google and it looks really exciting and very beautiful too – but aside from that, I know nothing about Slovakia so I’m looking forward to learning about a new place, experiencing a new culture and some local cuisine too!
As the trip is only a few days, I am only taking a “large cabin bag” – and I am a person who is not fantastic at packing light.  I was planning on doing a kind of “What’s In My Bag” post, but it turns out that by the time I had packed, it was like the most complicated form of packing-tetris I have ever attempted and I couldn’t bear the idea of unpacking it all to photograph so you’ll just have to imagine a very tightly packed suitcase full of clothes, shoes and camera equipment! hehe!

We are flying with Wizz Air, a hungarian based airline, who fly to Košice from Bristol, Luton and Sheffield, so we had quite a bit of choice on flights but the best one for us timing wise was the Luton flight, which is what I am on today.

Other than the flights, I have very little information about where we are staying or anything else really so I am really excited to see what the ladies at Visit Košice have in store for us! The weather is meant to be pretty damn gorgeous the whole time we are there – in my head, I thought Slovakia would be cold, but the forecast says it will be 28 degrees and sunny the whole time we are there – so of course, I’ve packed the flip flops and a bikini! 🙂

Follow my trip on instagram and twitter, and I’ll be posting properly about it once I get back, ahead of the house move next week! (yes, my life is INSANE!)

*This trip was gifted to me by Visit Košice, however all views are my own.

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