Ten Things: Cocktails from Teapots!

I’ve kinda done the introduction to this post in the “introducing” post that went out earlier today (click here if you missed it!) so I’ll just go ahead with this now.

So here we go, the first ever Ten Things Thursday post – here are the ten things that have made me smile this week:

1. My New Flat. My new flat is the most gorgeous thing in the world. As in actually. No competition. You will all see in my Flat Tour video which I’m hoping to film this weekend. Trust me. It’s just purrrrty!

2. Pizza Express with the Girls. Saturday was a very very sweaty day, lugging everything I own from my little blue car to the second floor of my building (thank god for lifts or I would still be stuck in the stairwell with my iMac yelling “pivot!” to anyone who passed!) so once I had managed to get everything into my flat and unpacked(ish!) I had arranged to meet up with a few of the girls from my new course for pizza. All I can say is – if you ever move house, GO TO PIZZA EXPRESS AFTER! I was so tired and hungry when I arrived and within an hour I was full of dough balls and pizza and wine – what more does a girl need?!

3. Cocktails from a Teapot. Now apparently only 2.5% of applicant to Midwifery degrees actually get a place at uni – so we also needed to celebrate that once we werall stuffed full of pizza so we ended up in All Bar One. All I can say is, my brain nearly had some kind of breakdown when one of the girls ordered a cocktail that comes IN A TEAPOT! I mean, actually IN A TEAPOT! WITH LITTLE TEACUPS FULL OF ICE! I’m a tea addict who was drinking cocktails…..is this not DESIGNED for me?!?!?

4. First Day Tea Photo. I posted this picture on Facebook on Monday morning. Before I even arrived at uni an hour later, my gorgeous friends and family had liked and commented over 100 times. That kinda support is so so important and I do not take it for granted – so thank you, you sexy lot – you know who you are!

5. Grey’s Anatomy. yes, I’ve seen it all. Yes, I’m watching it all again…..for the fourth time. No, I do not care!

6. Yummy Yummy Stir Fry. I cooked the yummiest stir fry possibly ever (healthy too!). Oh my good lord was it good! And, I made so much that I had the leftovers to take in for lunch – BONUS!!

7. Placement Hospital. 50% of my course is practical. As in, in a hospital, and there were three possible hospitals we could be placed at. I knew which hospital I had my heart set on, but there were no guarantees….It was only at the end of our first day on the course that I found out that I got my first choice. Absolutely thrilled. I was shown around it yesterday and it is such a GORGEOUS unit – I can’t wait to start there now!

8. My new shower. The shower in my new flat is a rainforest style shower. And I’ve already found the perfect temperature. That is all. 🙂

9. B*Witched. Yes. I have fallen back into the 90s. My spotify was on shuffle the other day and C’est La Vie came on – if you were around when b*witched were big, go search it now – I challenge you not to dance and/or singalong!

10. New Light Box. Oh so instagrammable. Oh such a good blog prop. Oh such a good deal. This has to be my amazon purchase of the year! Hands down! (Buy Similar Here)

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  • Reply
    March 4, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Can you tell me where I can get the little miss student midwife mug from. My daughter is going to Kings college London to study Midwifery in September and follows your blog.

    • Reply
      Rosie | A Girl On A Journey
      March 8, 2018 at 4:34 pm

      Hi Jo,
      Unfortunately they don’t do the mug any more, but they do some pretty great t-shirts and tote bags – https://www.pigemporium.co.uk/collections/nursing

      I am going to be posting an update to my Student Midwife Shop next week with a load of really lovely midwifery related gifts including some mugs etc so might be worth checking that out (I need to load the items on first but it’ll be at http://www.agirlonajourney.com/shop/student-midwife)

      How exciting for your daughter – it really is a great course; there are tougher times but it is so so worth it! Good luck to her for september! xx

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