The Apprentice Is Back!! [SPOILER ALERT]

The first teaser advert for this new series about a week or so ago had me so so excited, I LOVE The Apprentice!

I watched last series as nothing short of an actual addiction and I just know it’ll be the same this year – I just get completely HOOKED!

So, Girls Vs Boys for week one….


….and HOW OBVIOUS was it that the girls were going to lose?!?!?! Within about 10 minutes of it starting it was so so obvious that they weren’t making enough money and has about as much strategy as much left elbow! Natalie actually acknowledged to the camera that the girls were under-valuing at the car boot sale! It was painful to watch!! They even lost their van with the majority of their stock in at one point! How can you possibly justify that?!?!

The antiques expert had advised that they sold their stock at portobello as there is a huge market for antiques there, but Michelle, who was project manager, decided to “follow her gut” and ignore the expert advice and sell at Camden instead……ummmm…..he’s an expert for a reason!!!

The boys had set prices, they had successful negotiations and they really pushed to hold their prices. They did mess up with the sale of the leather chair where they didn’t check that they were talking to the decision maker, but they still did so so much better, beating the girls’ sales figure by over £450!

Frankly, I think Michelle was the over-riding weak link in this episode and was definitely the right person to be fired. She made the decisions about where to sell, she was an apathetic leader, and her team ended up losing – and I think the main reason for that loss is that they were selling in the wrong place, for the wrong price, to the wrong clientele – which was down to her pricing and her location decisions. Lord Sugar definitely fired the right person!

I’m absolutely hooked again and can’t wait for next week’s episode already – the teaser looks like a really blooming’ good one too!!! 🙂

Featured Image by Sylwia Bartyzel

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