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dsc_0618When you think of the perfect girls night in, what comes to mind?

Sitting here thinking about it, there are several absolute MUSTS for the perfect girls night in – there are extras too of course, but if you tick of the 5 things on my list, I reckon you’ll be off to a pretty darn good start…

 1. Your Girls.
Get some girls over who you don’t have to care about wearing your scraggiest pjs bottoms with. Girls who you can be stupid with. Girls who will happily eat an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s with you with no comment about how many calories it is or that “it’s really naughty”. Girls who you can laugh until you cry with. Girls you can rant to about boys, work, family or whatever else it might be that is getting to you and they will listen (not just glaze over until you’ve finished and say “I’m sure it’ll all be fine”) Girls who, when you call them in tears, turn up at your door 20 minutes later with wine and chocolate. Girls who count on you as much as you count on them. Girls who you have seen at their worst and who have seen you at yours.
Those girls are the real gems. Those friendships are so so special. Value them.

2. Really Good Food.
All the food you shouldn’t eat. Pizza, or chinese food, or a curry, or all of the above!  Then you need sweet stuff too – some form of melty chocolate pudding perhaps, with proper ice cream, and lots of it. Obviously you need chocolate – I shouldn’t really have to mention that.
And Popcorn. Really good popcorn – none of this low calorie, tiny portion popcorn that is around – don’t get me wrong, that has it’s place (hello lunchbox treat time!) but for the perfect girls night in, you need proper popcorn. Smothered in caramel, or chocolate, or both. No scrounging – you need the good stuff!

3. Movie Time.
So, you’ve got all your food and treats, you’re in your pjs with your best girls, now what? Ummm, definitely a movie. A really classic chick flick like “Pretty Woman” or “When Harry Met Sally” (both of which I can pretty much quote the entirety of – seriously, if you ever run into me in the street, and say “Waiter, there is too much pepper in my paprikash”, I guarantee I will squeal with excitement and quite possibly have to become your best friend!) – curl up with your girls and laugh or sob your way through a film that you really love – you just can’t beat it!

4. Hot Chocolate.
As the nights are turning colder, there is an extra addition to the perfect girls night in – if it were summer, it would be nice but not an absolute necessity, but with these chilly evenings, it is an absolute must – HOT CHOCOLATE! Obviously, with marshmallows on top so that they go all melty and essentially cause a ridiculous chocolatey sugar mush on top of your already scruffy hot chocolate (definitely making my mouth water just thinking about it right now!) – If you have whipped cream in the fridge, get that baby out too – this is a night where calories don’t count and you can indulge, so do it!

5. Pamper Yourself.
Finally, the last absolute essential for a girls night in – some form of pampering – whether that be painting nails, playing around with new makeup looks (some fantastic new discoveries and some that will never see the light of day again – come on ladies, we have all been there!), or, my personal favourite, putting on one of those oh-so-sexy face masks that make your skin all clean and dewy looking afterwards but makes you look like something from a horror movie whilst it is on! Whatever your choice, you and your girls deserve a good pamper!

It’s a good look, right?!?

I was very very lucky recently to have been sent a big box from Butterkist – and in it was their kit for the perfect girls night in. Yes, there was popcorn – lots of it – in all their new flavours – Salted Caramel, Choc Mallow and Coconut Raspberry, equipt with their own adorable little popcorn boxes!!!! They also had some incredibly delicious popcorn flavoured hot chocolate powder (a partnership between butterkist and options – whoever initiated that conversation, I could kiss you!!!) with pink marshmallows and special Butterkist mugs – and they also had popped in some gorgeous face masks for our girly pamper-time, and, just in case that wasn’t already the kit of a pretty darn awesome night in, they included a 2 month pass to Now TV so we could access whatever movie we wanted to watch (and now I’ve got nearly 2 months left of Now TV access for when I get in after a night shift and need to readjust my body clock by curling up all day in front of all the old classics – that’s how its meant to be done, right?!)

The new Butterkist flavours are DELICIOUS – I mean seriously. My absolute favourite has to be the Salted Caramel – I just can’t get enough of it. I’m a big salted caramel fan anyway, but salted caramel popcorn just seems to take the whole sweet and salt thing to a whole new level and it just works – I even added a pinch more salt into the scoop to make it even saltier – YUM! The coconut raspberry is ideal for people who aren’t such a fan of the salted side of popcorn, and the Choc Mallow is absolutely delicious – chocolate and marshmallow combined with popcorn; sign me up! Needless to say, I shall be staying friends with the people at Butterkist! 🙂

What are your girls night in essentials?

Butterkist can be found on their website, twitter & instagram, or search their hashtag #ABowlShared – WARNING: serious food porn!

*This Butterkist girls night in goodie box was gifted to me, however all views are my own.

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    November 20, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    This is definitely something I will do when I’m back home with my girls. Those nights are just always the best and it’s always an amazing time when you spend it with the right friends eating crap and cracking silly jokes.

    Norina xx


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