Ten Things: Tea, Diaries & Bolognese!

I am sitting here writing this with a cup of tea and some seriously fluffy socks and feeling pretty pleased with myself. I am shattered. But I am also happy. This week has been another busy one, and I can’t quite believe it’s Thursday again (well, Wednesday night as I’m writing this!) – the days seem to be going by so so quickly at the moment!

So, here are the ten things that have made me smile this week:

1. Perfect Cosy Sunday. Tea, candles, tv on, curled up on my bed doing bits and bobs and sending emails – Perfect Sunday!

2. Uni day. We had a day back in uni this week and it was SO GOOD to see everyone and catch up on what they have all been up to!

3. Midwife Mondays Post. You guys are too adorable! Your comments, shares, retweets and messages are so blooming lovely – I am so glad that you guys seem to be enjoying hearing about this new adventure of mine – you all definitely brought a huge smile to my face this week!

4. Early Nights. I am so sleepy by the end of the day at the moment – several times this week I’ve indulged in an early night and loved every second!

5. Bolognese. If I do say so myself, I made an absolutely STONKING bolognese this week – yum!

6. Pg Tips Mug. The wonderful people at PG Tips sent me a personalised mug – and I love it! 🙂

7. Wooly Hat Weather. I love wooly hat weather – long scarves, wooly hats and cosy gloves – perfect winter weather! So Cosy!

8. Greys Anatomy. I finished the latest series – oh my god it’s so good! Anyone know when the next series is out?!?!

9. Diary Reading. I had a read over some of my old diaries this week. It made me sentimental but also so pleased with the decisions I’ve made and the path I’m on.

10. PJs straight from work! There is no feeling like it – bag down, hat off, coat off, PJs on and chill – PERFECT! 🙂


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