Midwife Mondays 18: Research Module and E-Learning

This week has seen the proper start to our research module. We actually had a few sessions on it in the last trimester, but this week has seen the real start to it, where we have really started thinking about the critical analysis essay we have to write in the spring, getting our head around it all – or at least, trying to!

On Monday we had a full day’s lecture all about data analysis and honestly, I’m still trying to get my brain wrapped around it….P values and odds ratios – I get it enough to understand what I’m looking at when I read the research papers, but we have to critique it and speak about these things as an element that we can critique…I’m not sure I’m quite there yet! Luckily, I’m not alone and my wonderful cohort are all feeling bit overwhelmed by it so we can all help each other. I also bought an “Introduction to Research for Midwives” textbook from one of the current third years which I think may well become my bible while we work on this module!

On Tuesday I spent the day working on an e-learning module we need to have done by the end of the month. It’s actually a module that all midwives need to do annually when they are practising, all about antenatal and neonatal screening, and as I’ve just been out in the community, it’s something I was telling the ladies about on a daily basis, so it didn’t take me as long as I thought it would – thank goodness! I am convinced that doing it with a cup of tea and a slice of toast definitely helped, even if I did decide it would be a good idea to slice open my finger with the bread knife in the process – moron!

Wednesday was our usual midweek study day and I spent the day sending about a hundred emails, reading over the research stuff in preparation for Thursday, and I even managed to fit in a bit of a walk around the city and a cheeky hour in the gym (I know, shock horror!) – I was getting a bit of cabin fever after two days staring at my iMac!

On Thursday we had another full day of lectures for this research module – this time looking at the ethical considerations that need to be taken when undertaking a research project, and also looking at critiquing frameworks for our essays. We have a decent amount of time for this essay (It’s due in the beginning of April) but I imagine it is going to take quite a lot of time to do the relevant research and just to get my head around it all before I can even start the writing part (and we are gonna be on placement in the run up to the deadline!) – I think this module is a beast that is not to be underestimated…..watch this space!

This fortnight is a bit lighter than usual, but also, as we are working on this research module that I think they knew it would break our brains a little bit, so we also had Friday as a study day this week. I spent the morning reading over everything from Thursday and trying to make a bit more sense of it all – and then in the afternoon one of my caseload ladies had her 20 week ultrasound so I headed down to the hospital for that. We even found out the gender of the baby which brought a little tear to my eye! 🙂

There is something so special about having a student caseload – I get to follow these women through their pregnancy, and develop a real relationship with them and their partners throughout – it’s a real genuine privilege and I’m really enjoying it!

A few of my caseload ladies are coming up to term at the moment so my phone is constantly on loud in case any of them call in labour and I need to nip down to the hospital to be there for the delivery. I’ll keep you guys posted when that does happen – it’s so exciting!

That reminds me actually, I probably should pack my own student midwife version of a ‘hospital bag’ for when that does happen…some food, my hospital shoes, fob watch etc so I can grab it and go whenever I get the call…I won’t exactly have the same notice I would for a normal shift – best to be prepared! Maybe I’ll include that in next week’s post!

I only have one day in Uni this week – today – and then I have the rest of the week to try to get my head around this research stuff a bit more….it really is a bit of a mind F**k!

Happy Monday all, have a good week! 🙂

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

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