Midwife Mondays 44: More Study Leave and a bit of flat hunting!

I’m gonna be a little controversial here. This week, despite it being the week before our first exam, I have actually done things other than revise!
I struggle with the whole get-your-head-down-for-weeks-on-end-and-don’t-do-anything-else thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent a lot of time revising and working towards this exam this week, but this week I also started my flat hunt for second year.

It was quite a stressful few days, working out what I could afford etc, but in the grand scheme of things, it could have gone a lot worse! On Monday I went into about 5000000 letting agents in the areas I wanna be in to give them all my info and tell then what I’m looking for. Then I had a viewing on Tuesday evening, and another on Wednesday morning. By Wednesday lunchtime I had made an offer, and by Thursday morning it had been accepted!

So, on August 25th I get the keys to my new flat! Then I have a week to move everything from my studio into the new flat. And then I need to furnish it!

I’ve sorted a bed and (I think!) a sofa, but nothing else yet. I’m kinda looking forward to getting in there and seeing what I want for it, and making it my own. I foresee many a set of fairy lights!

So, all in all, a very positive result from the week, and alongside it all I’ve been preparing for my first official exam on the course. We have our breastfeeding OSCEs this week, mine is today, and honestly, I’m feeling alright about it. It’s scary, but I feel like I know roughly what I’m doing…just need to get there and do it now!

Can’t believe that our first exam is today. Then we have a couple of weeks and its the final two and then we are done and off on holiday! So glad to have a proper holiday booked to focus on as a bit of an “end-point” reward too – feels like I’ve really got something to aim for now! Just gotta get through these exams first – eek!

Image by Caroline Ingebrigtsen

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