Midwife Mondays 28: Back in Uni and in front of a Camera!

Can you tell it is nearly the Easter Holidays?! I’m massively slacking on getting these posts out on time – Sorry!

Last week was our first week back from placement and it’s been really lovely. We have such a fab bunch of girls in our year, but we only get to see each other properly when we have uni blocks, so it has been really nice to be back with everyone and catch up on their gossip etc!

We started last week with a day talking about research studies, and had a guest lecturer in from one of the local hospitals to tell us about her role as a research midwife. As our deadline for our research essay is looming, the idea of more research stuff in the timetable did have us all in a little bit of despair when we first saw it, but it was actually a really good session, and I’m sure the stuff we discussed will help us in the future as the women in our care are offered involvement in upcoming studies etc.

On Tuesday we had a day in the skills lab, this week focussing on infant feeding; from knitted boobs to how to make up a formula bottle correctly. We also had a bit of a recap on catheterisation and a bit on the newborn bloodspot test.

I am currently involved in a promotional project with the university where they are making a short film featuring my story and how I ended up on the course, mentioning my blog and everything that has led me to where I am now. Wednesday was the first filming day for this so I started my day doing some filming down at the hospital, then nipped up to the uni for some filming in the skills lab, and then finally ended the day in a film studio in the main uni building. I don’t want to give away too much but I actually think it’s going to be amazing – the work that has been put into it has been incredible – such a lovely team to work with too! 🙂
Apparently the “premiere” will be early May so I’ll be sure to post the finished thing on here as soon as it is available! Can’t wait to share it with you guys!

On Thursday and Friday we were back in lectures, learning all about the physiology of pain, types of pain relief, neonatal jaundice, fetal circulation and thermoregulation of the newborn – yes, I know it sounds like a lot. It was! By the end of the day on Friday, my brain had definitely turned to mush, but looking over it all over the weekend, some of it has definitely gone in! 🙂

I was filming again on Saturday, this time the more blog-related angle, at a gorgeous cafe just up the road from my flat – we had to get there early just to get it all done before the weekend brunch rush! By 10.30 we had officially called a “wrap” on the film and I headed back home. Seriously can’t wait to see how the film comes out!! Exciting! I will write a full post about it all soon! 🙂

The rest of my weekend (apart from a very tipsy dinner on Saturday night which will be posted about on this blog later this week!) was spent working on this research essay. I swear, it feels like we have been working on this for AGES – I have been so stressed about it, I think it got to the point where I was procrastinating so much because I was worried about it, that it actually would have been finished had I just sat down and worked on it instead of worrying and avoiding doing it!
Needless to say, we are planning a snazzy dinner for when it’s all done as a bit of a celebration!

Featured Image by Matthew Fournier

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