Midwife Mondays 146: Written work and getting organised

So week 146 was a fairly complicated and very bitty one.

At the time it was like it absolutely flew by, and also like it was one of the longest weeks ever! I started the week with a drive up to shropshire and back for something job-related (full post on all this coming soon – don’t want to chuck little bits in here and there without giving all the information!)

The rest of the week was spent getting organised – writing lists of all the things I need to do before my paperwork deadline on the 9th August and anything else that needs to be done between then and when I finish officially.

I have odd bits of written work to do and I needed to finish my drug workbook so I got working on that, and I also treated myself, given that I have finally finished and submitted my safeguarding module, to a bit of wedding planning (more to follow on this too – eek!)

Then on Friday I left for Liverpool (I seem to be doing a HUGE amount of driving at the moment but the train was extortionately expensive!) for a Hen weekend! Needless to say I spent the weekend more than a little tipsy, giggling and having a great time with the girls ahead of the wonderful Steph’s wedding in August!

I arrived back on the Sunday afternoon happy & tired, and bracing myself for the busy week ahead, starting with my 29th birthday – where I was back on the birth centre! 🙂

Image by unsplash-logoAndrew Neel

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