Midwife Mondays 29: Essay submissions & interview anniversaries!

I am writing this post whilst listening to the live broadcast of the Olivier Awards so if I suddenly write a sentence that makes no sense, sorry, I’m getting distracted!

So, this week has been a busy one, it has been a little bit of a run up to the start of the easter holidays, which, after a long term, is so so needed!

The first thing to mention is that I SUBMITTED MY ESSAY!!! The research essay that has been ticking along in the background for months is finally done and in! There is nothing more I can do – I managed to get it down to 2999 words exactly, checked my references, double spaced it all and clicked the “submit” button – now I’ve just gotta wait to see how I did! Eek!

We have done a lot of time in the skills lab this week, with a whole day focussing on injection techniques (including getting to strap on sponge patches and inject each other – needless to say, lots of giggles ensued!). We also had a day focussing on wound care and dressing changing, and then an afternoon with a bit more of a focus on breast feeding, hand expression, and the stages of labour. I do enjoy time in the skills lab; It’s so important for perfecting and learning skills before we go out onto practice, and we have a proper giggle too (which I’m not sure we are always meant to, but it’s good fun!)

We had a theory morning based on infant feeding this week too – learning all of the facts behind infant feeding and the reasons why “Breast is Best”. It was quite an interesting one for me because I had always known that breastfeeding was considered “the best method of feeding” but, I’ll admit it, I didn’t know exactly why. So it was interesting to go through all the facts behind it all.

This week was also the anniversary of my interview for this course. At 9am on the 5th April last year, I was sitting nervously in the lobby of the university, waiting for the interview to start…..here I am a year later, absolutely knackered, but loving every single minute of this crazy adventure!

And now we are on holiday for two weeks!!! This course is so unbelievably full on, both physically and emotionally, and so the holidays are so necessary when the come around. It will feel really weird to be away from this little bubble for a fortnight, but getting a bit of a break and then coming back refreshed will be so great! I’m gonna be home with my parents in Bristol for a few days, and then heading down to cornwall for a bit of an adventure before coming back to it all!

I will still be posting these “Midwife Mondays” posted while I’m on holiday – I’ve got a few things planned, but if theres any questions anyone would like me to cover over the next few weeks, please do leave me a comment below 🙂

Image by J.luis Esquivel

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