Midwife Mondays 60: So Much To Learn!

Last week was another one filled with so so much information – I honestly feel like every day that passes, I am coming away with more to process and get my head around. We are being given so much information, and sometimes it really does feel like my brain just needs to stop, but it’s so nice to feel like we are really learning and improving as each week passes.

Again, this week I’m going to have to write a bit of a list of what we have been covering, simply due to the sheer volume of material we have covered. I hope that by reading my latest couple of posts you can see just how much we are trying to absorb at the moment – needless to say, second year, particularly the academic “uni” side of it, is a HUGE step up from first year.

So, last week, we covered:

  • Infant Feeding – “is it a lifestyle choice or a public health issue?”
  • FGM
  • Induction and Augmentation
  • Nutrition for the neonate with complex needs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Cultural Differences
  • Childhood Immunisations

At the moment it feels like we have to make so many notes (because we have a massive exam on all the complexities in January) that I’ve now given up using a pen and paper. It’s all being typed – I used to do a bit of a mix, but now everything has to be typed just to try to get the volume of information does without crippling my wrists!

This coming week, we have to submit a poster for our formative assessment of our Public Health module, so alongside lectures last week I also spent a good few hours pulling together a poster about safer sleeping for this submission, y’know, with all the extra time I’ve got lying around…

It can be a little overwhelming at the moment, simply due to the amount we have to take in before this exam and the additional work we have to do, but it does feel like we are getting there…gradually! 🙂

To read last week’s Midwife Mondays, click here:

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