Midwife Mondays 70: Essay Plans & More Maternity Assessment

Seriously, how is it not time for another break yet?! I know we’ve had an exam, and so we have had a bit more stress in the past few weeks than normal, but I’m absolutely EXHAUSTED!

This past week has been a bit of a muddled one in my mind. We had a day in uni and I had two shifts in the hospital and I think my brain just feels a bit all over the place.

Our uni day this week was based on our Public Health module – we had a morning talking about the details of what we need to include in the essay for our assessment, and then the afternoon was our final lecture of the module, which was teenage pregnancy.

This module has been an interesting one, but the actual essay is something I’m slightly dreading – just feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing at the mo.

I think I need to wait until I’ve finished this placement block before I sit down and make a proper start on the essay, just so that my brain can process it all and I’m not dividing my brain into 500 places at once!

I also had two shifts in the hospital during this week, both of which were busy and full of different women with different reasons for attending – needless to say it has certainly kept me on my toes!

The latter of these two shifts was also my last with my mentor for this placement so we had a sit down towards the end of the shift and did all my grading stuff. It’s been a real learning curve being in this placement area, but I do think I’ve improved massively, and so I was very pleased when she graded me with a 1st – decent start to 2nd year really! 🙂

I’ve got one more week in maternity assessment and then I’m back in uni for a week to start a new module – I think it’ll all feel a bit more settled once we know where we stand with the new module over the next few months and once we start our new placement – right now I feel like I’m being pulled in about 900 different directions!

So, one more week – and I get my exam results soon too! Eek!

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