Midwife Mondays 75: Long Days on the Postnatal Ward

Yes, I know, I’m behind again! Just a short catch up post today – What can I say, it’s been busy, we’ve got deadlines coming out of our behinds, plus uni work and actually looking after myself has had to come first!

So, “week 75” was the third week of my postnatal placement block and honestly, it was a bit of a tricky one. I had two shifts, both with different mentors, and I had a load of paperwork to get signed off too, which is tricky when working with different people but not unachievable, just needs a lot of organisation!

I did finally manage to get my paperwork signed off for the first part of this placement, and I’m all set for going back in to the postnatal ward in 5 weeks – see, I told you guys that everything was a bit split up this year!

In addition to placement that week we also have our Public Health module essay looming like some great dark shadow so I set aside a good few hours to do some work and research around that too. Feels like we have a lot going on at the mo and a lot of work to be getting on with in our “spare” time.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for this little catch up – another post will be winging your way over the next few days!

Image by Annie Spratt

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