Midwife Mondays 133: Dissertation Time

Yep, this week has been as thrilling as this title makes it sound.

Dissertation. Dissertation. Dissertation.

I’ve honestly started dreaming about breech deliveries (my dissertation is all about breech presentation at term) and waking up in the middle of the night critiquing research studies. It’s broken my brain.

I’ve been trying to shake it up a bit, going to the local cafe to work for a morning or going for a walk in the middle of the day or the gym in the evening, but otherwise I’ve been pretty much sitting at my desk, typing away and referencing like a librarian-on-speed from 9-5 every day. I gave myself the weekends off, to give my brain a bit of time, and to allow myself to come back to it on Monday morning with a fresh eye, but that’s it.

By the time M have got home from work, my brain is totally scrambled and I’ve forgotten my own name, but I’ve written another 1000 words or so, added another 20 references to my list and generally ticked off another section – I’m getting there.

I’d done a lot of the research and analysed all my papers really throughly and written about 1,800 words before this study leave, so I was ready to get writing properly as soon as I finished placement, but I did not expect to get so many words on a page so quickly.

As you will have seen on my instagram stories if you follow me over there (if not, come on over!), I sat down at my desk last Wednesday (March 27th) to my 1,800 words already written, by the end of Thursday I was on 3,433 words, and by the weekend I was on 4,700.

This week, I hit 5,239 on Monday, 7,995 on Tuesday, 10,000 on Wednesday (which definitely made my OCD happy, finishing for the day on a nice round number!), and by the end of Friday I was on 11,895.

Now, all I need to do is my conclusion and I’ll be ready to start pulling the whole thing apart, changing structures, proof-reading, editing and sorting things like content pages, abstracts, acknowledgements and references….oh, and cutting it down word wise too.

I’m just hoping that what I’m doing is right….no way I want to do this again!!!

This past weekend we were up seeing M’s parents which was really lovely – a nice break for my brain too. Got my hair cut, got my nails done, met their ADORABLE new puppy, Freddie, had drinks with friends and generally let my hair down for a couple of days before getting up this morning and cracking on at my desk again….this is my life at the moment….thrilling!

Image by Green Chameleon

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