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We all know that feeling, when you’re going on holiday, you’ve done the late night packing, you’ve managed to lug all the bags to the car, you’ve remembered the passports, tickets and money, you’ve done the drive to the airport, and you’re finally on your way.

And then you arrive at the airport and suddenly you have to pay £10 for a soggy sandwich & £9.50 for one weak gin and tonic and then have to sit on cold, metal chairs in the busy departures lounge full of screaming children, parents who are already exhausted, and couples mid-domestic about who left the suncream and whether they double-locked the front door. No fun at all.

That is when Aspire Airport Lounges come in. When M and I went on a trip recently, we used the Aspire Lounge at Birmingham Airport and I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

We arrived, walked straight in to the lounger and set ourselves up in comfy armchairs, phones set up on the free wifi, reading our free magazines and watching all the planes take off and land from our runway view.

The food and drink is all unlimited, and changes throughout the day. As we were leaving on an early afternoon flight, we were there at lunchtime so we were presented with an amazing selection of sandwiches, pastries, biscuits, soup and cakes as well as scones, jam and proper clotted cream – yum!

I helped myself to a bowl of hot and fresh mushroom soup, a delicious coronation sandwich and a slice of victoria sponge (or two…but look at it – can you blame me?!?!)

M and I also indulged in a few drinks – as we could spend up to 3 hours in the lounge before our flight – so we cracked into delicious gin & tonics with fresh lime (for me), cold beers (for him) and a couple of bottles of water (still gotta stay hydrated too!)

Being in this fantastic lounge certainly set our trip off to the perfect blissful start – it was comfy, relaxing and about a million miles away from the stressful and uncomfortable alternative of the normal departure lounge – and with prices from only £20 per person, it’s cheaper than that soggy sandwich and a couple of weak gin and tonics would set you back too!

Thanks for having us, Aspire Lounges! 🙂 We had a fantastic time and will definitely be back!

*We were gifted our entry to the Aspire Lounge, however as always, all opinions are my own*
Aspire Lounges can be found at www.executivelounges.com, on twitter @airportlounges, or on Facebook @aspireairportlounges

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