Midwife Mondays 81: Caseloading, revision notes & preparing to go back onto placement

This week was the second of our Easter break and unlike last week, I have made a real conscious effort to get my head in the game midwifery-wise. I’ve spent some proper time writing up notes for each of our emergency OSCEs so that whichever emergency comes up on the day, I’ll be prepared – I’m about halfway through now, and then I’ve just gotta learn it all! Eek!

I also had an appointment this week with one of the ladies from my caseload which was lovely. She is 32 weeks now and I haven’t seen her for a little while so it was so lovely to see her with a nice big bump too!

I’m back in placement this week – back on the postnatal ward for another few weeks – so I’ve also been making sure my hours are sorted and cleaning/ironing my uniform etc so I don’t have to think about it once I’m back in the hospital.

M is away again this week, I dropped him at the airport on Thursday morning, so I’ve been keeping myself occupied and putting even more work into the blog and my other non-midwifery content in my free time (again, if there is anything specific you’d like to see on here, comment below!)

Other than that, there’s not a huge amount for me to say about this past week – I guess because it’s still technically the holidays I’ve been trying to take it easy and give myself a proper break (and get to the gym occasionally too!)

Hope you’ve all had a good easter – back to the grindstone now…eek!

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