Midwife Mondays 84: Newborn Life Support revision & Postnatal Grading

So, as I said in my last Midwife Mondays post, this week has been a pretty busy one!

On Tuesday we were in uni for the afternoon – we had a session about the new system for logging all our practise hours (I cannot stress how much of this course is about your organisation – seriously – getting stuff signed, logging your hours and remembering your paperwork when you go ANYWHERE is completely vital!) and then we spent a good few hours revising our Newborn Life Support ahead of our practical exam in just 2 weeks (eek!)

Rightly or wrongly, I actually feel quite confident about this one of our OSCEs….its the one later on in the month (where there are 8 different, really in-depth scenarios that could come up) that I’m more worried about….

In tuesday’s session we each got the chance to carry out the full resuscitation process several times, as if it were the actual exam, with one of the other girls watching to make sure we did it all right, and feeding back and marking as we went – this OSCE is a pass or fail, and at least for this “mock”, I passed! Just gotta keep fingers crossed for the real thing now!

The rest of the week I was back in the postnatal ward again – including getting my final grading for this placement done (see, I told you it’s all about organisation and paperwork!) For this grading, the actual grading was being moderated so I had the education support midwife sitting in on the assessment to make sure I was being marked fairly – we have to have one of our placements moderated each year so that the uni can keep track of the marking – because it could be so subjective otherwise!

Grading wise, I was quite pleased with myself and managed to get a high first (over 90%!) – which for a placement that I have personally found quite tough, I’m feeling pretty chuffed with!

On Friday night, our friends from Bristol arrived and we spent the weekend catching up, eating, drinking, watching Infinity War (Oh my god, so good!) and celebrating M’s birthday; which is today!
It’s really nice (and very important) on this course, to spend time away from midwifery, and to turn your brain off from all things uni related for a few days – spending time having fun with the people you love is just the best way to recoup (even if it does leave you with a bit of a headache!)

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!

Image by unsplash-logoMatt Hoffman

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