Midwife Mondays 135: Submitting my Dissertation!

Oh my god, even typing that title has got me so excited!

So, on Thursday, I clicked that scary button, the “confirm” button that send my dissertation off into the realms of the internet, to land on the desk of whoever it is marking it…eek!

It had been nearly ready for about a week so I had just been making tiny tweaks and I was finally at the point where I didn’t think the tweaks were actually helping the overall piece…so, on Thursday, after my 300th proof-read, I uploaded it to the online submission system, took a deep breath and sent it off!

It was scary but I can’t tell you the relief of knowing I don’t have to read over that same thing again and again! I’ve managed to write 59 pages on the topic and I don’t hate it, which is another big achievement and something I was really worried about – if you pick a topic you love and then end up hating it, how awful would that be?!

So, my uni don’t need printed copies to be submitted, it’s all online, but after all the work I’ve done I wanted to hold it in my hands. I called a local printer and within an hour of submitting I was holding a beautifully bound copy!

So now the dissertation is done and submitted, I’m giving myself a little bit of an easter break (given that I worked on my dissertation through my entire actual easter holiday!). My parents came up for a couple of days over the actual easter weekend and then later this week we are heading off on a little city break for 36 hours and then Friday is the Student Nursing Times Awards in London (and I’ve still not worked out what I’m wearing!!!)

This week is gonna be my chill week, and then I’m back in placement again!

Image by unsplash-logoJasmine Waheed

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